BEE Mead – Meet 2017’s quirkiest drink

BEE Mead is a fun and cheeky brand that produces an easy to drink, fresh and sparkling honey beverage. It’s the ideal refreshment to take to summer parties, picnics and outdoor celebrations.

But why all the buzz about Mead this year? Well, Mead lays claim to being civilisation’s first venture into the world of alcoholic beverages. Born in a time when myth and legend ruled, it was the drink of choice during the reign of Ancient Greece and the experience of sipping mead was said to have been an enlightening one.

Nowadays, BEE Mead is created for the modern God & Goddess and produced in the Southern Highlands by the family team behind renowned Artemis Wines and Sunshack cider. They craft the Mead from local bee-loving apiaries with a pure blend of Australian Clover honey and New Zealand Manuka honey, popular for its anti-bacterial qualities and health benefits too.

The team likes to call it ‘Nectar of the Gods’ and want to encourage people to get outdoors, grab a bottle of BEE Mead and have fun with their mates this summer.

Instagram a photo of your ultimate Aussie adventure with Bee Mead and tag #beemead for a chance to win. Prizes for the most creative, adventurous photos include a 3 day trip to Byron, an Artemis Winery weekend, custom designed DP surfboards and gift packs. The competition runs until April 30th 2017.

For more information visit the Bee Mead website.

BEE Mead is available for $6.99 per 500ml bottle or for $54.99 for a nine pack at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationally. The buzzing BEE Mead range includes three flavours – Manuka Honey BEE Mead, Honey & Ginger BEE Mead and Honey & Spice BEE Mead.


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