XS Espresso opens at North Parramatta


Xs espresso needs no introduction when it comes to the world of mouth-watering treats that are sure to blow your mind. After years of success at their Wetherhill Park location, the passionate team at XS expresso have brought their magic over to North Parramatta, where it is quickly becoming a local hotspot.

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dsc08018President Jimmy – Grilled lamb back strap with Slow cooked roasted pumpkin, organic quinoa, rocket, cherry tomatoes and freshly house made spicy yoghurt.

Lamb strips grilled to perfection paired with a spicy yoghurt to round off the flavour, this dish will leave you healthy and satisfied without feeling guilty of having just eaten a hearty meat meal. Not to mention, the slow cooked roast pumpkin was probably the best we have ever had – incredibly creamy and melts as soon as you put it in your mouth.


XS chicken burger – Grilled chicken, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, rocket, house made peri-peri sauce on brioche buns and served with chips

XS espresso sure knows how to pull together a finger-licking good chicken burger. Delectably tender chicken pieces that were juicy with each and every bite, crispy bacon, melted cheese and house made peri-peri sauce to pack in a punch, this burger tasted as good as it looked.


Delicious dean – Avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes on sourdough with goats cheese, prosciutto, basil pesto and poached eggs

A gorgeous rendition of a classic all-time favourite, this delectable stack ticks all our boxes for what makes breakfast great. The goats cheese and prosciutto combo made a brilliant addition to the smashed avo, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto.


Original cronut – Cronut, salted caramel, oreo, tim tam, icecream, kit kat, maltesers, koalas

No breakfast is complete without some drinks, and no one quite does drinks as exceptionally as XS espresso. The original cronut freakshake probably could serve as your sugar intake for an entire week (month even) but it will definitely leave a smile on your face. The cronut topper was rich in both texture and flavour, and when smothered with the chocolate it was difficult to resist another bite.


XS surprise – Kinder surprise, nutella, waffle cone, fairy floss, hundreds and thousands, and a crunchie

If the Mad Hatter’s tea party started serving freakshakes, it would probably look something like this. A beautifully designed concoction of nutella, chocolate and hundreds and thousands, this drink feels like you’re sipping chocolate rain straight from some very colourful clouds (see what we did there?). And at the very end of it, you’re in for one last (kinder) surprise!


Summer drink special

We were lucky enough to witness this Summer special be prepared right before our eyes. The drink is prepared in a beautiful golden cocktail shaker, which is then chilled by dry ice and topped with a marshmallow kebab, and musk sticks. It was incredibly refreshing which makes it perfect for a hot Summer’s day.


Dessert platter

XS espresso has outdone themselves with this platter – it takes dessert to a whole new level (quite literally). This dessert platter is probably the closest you’ll get to the stairs to (sugar) heaven, at the end of which you find yourself in a blissful oblivion from the food coma. Not to mention, the dry ice theatrics made it all the more of a memorable experience.

To start with, on level one, we have the waffles served with bananas, strawberries and a peanut butter and nutella fondue, oreo and nutella milkshakes and a nutella donut. I guess the fondue needs no explaining of how good it truly was – lets just say that there was a collective ‘mmm’ when we took our first bite. Pair that with the fresh fruit to cut through the thick chocolate flavours and you’ve got a match made in heaven. The nutella and oreo milkshakes were also exceptional, both satisfyingly rich in flavour and icy cold thanks to the dry ice.

On middle layers, you find the gelato cones, gaytime donut and Belgium chocolate soufflé all surrounded by a cloud of fairy floss. Choc-dipped and bite-sized, those gelato cones will be gone before you know it. Just in case that wasn’t enough icecream for you, fret not because there is more on the uppermost layer. Pulling to the gaytime donut apart to form a bridge of delicious gaytime-flavoured filling was an experience in and of itself. This donut can also be found on the new ‘Golden Gaytime’ freakshake or be had separately. Finally, we come to the Belgium chocolate soufflé. Incredibly decadent and oozing with rich, smooth Belgium chocolate, the soufflé was perhaps one of our favourite items on this dessert platter.

The top tier is devoted to a nutella brownie, topped with icecream, an icecream cone, fairy floss and sprinkled with 100s & 1000s and M&Ms. Brownies and icecream are a heavenly combination, but nutella brownies and icecream gives a whole new meaning to that phrase. Moreover, hats off to whoever designed this – it is one of the most creative presentations of an all-time classic.

Xs espresso pushes the boundaries of what makes brunch great, both with their food and drinks. With friendly staff members and jaw-dropping desserts, it is more than just really creative and delicious food, but also the experience of sharing that with friends and family. If you need the ultimate sugar fix, XS espresso is the place to be!

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XS espresso

2 Windsor Road,
North Parramatta, NSW 2151

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Contributed by Joanna, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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