Modern Greek food at Aristotle’s, Neutral Bay


If you don’t already have a harboured desire for modern Greek cuisine at it’s finest, then it’s time you anchored up at Aristole’s for a truly elegant and authentic dining experience.

Docked in the exclusive center of Neutral Bay you will find yourself immersed in some of the best Grecian flavour Sydney has to offer. Although extremely young, Aristole’s is fast becoming a contender for one of the best, growing a vast amount of dedicated patrons quickly and we were lucky to meet a few very passionate souls whilst dining who had nothing but praises (evident by the fact it was their third visit in two weeks).


For the thirsty, get both hands around a Big Ol’ Old Fashioned! Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Angostura bitters, cherry bitters, maraschino presented in a beautiful cigar box, with a side of delectable sweetened nuts to flare those taste buds. And for the Grecian diva that lies within all of us don’t leave without trying the Greek Goddess Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Campari, Peychaud’s bitters, pink grapefruit, Greek Prosecco and vanilla pashmak. It’s guaranteed to make you sparkle.

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Entrees: Taramosalata, Taramosalata, TARAMOSALATA!!

This traditional Greek favourite can so easily be a miss. But not at Aristole’s. The only issue with this white cod’s roe dip served with warm, chargrilled flat bread was that there wasn’t a bottomless bowl of it.

Also on the recommendations list is Aristotle’s Haloumi with pomegranate, red grapes, honey, balsamic, oregano and walnuts. The beautiful salty, sweet, nutty contrast is perfection.

And those chargrilled octopus (a little piece of Davie Jones himself) presented beautifully and equally matched with flavour, a definite favourite.

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Mains: The Greeks can sure do Meat!

For the hungry Grecian God, a meat platter with the choice of mouth watering Spit-Roasted Lamb, Chicken or Pork is the way to go. If you still haven’t had your sufficient protein hit for the day then order some barbecued Cypriot sausages on the side, drizzled with lemon and homemade tzatziki all to be served alight as if Hephaestus himself had cast the flame. Impressive right? Accompany this with a delicious watermelon salad composed of watermelon, feta, lemon and mint for that beautiful burst of freshness.

You could be mistaken for dining in Mykonos with the authenticity of these delightful dishes.

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Desserts, trust me….you absolutely have room.

The signature dish and an all round crowd pleaser is the divine pistachio baklava cigar. You almost don’t want to destroy the craftsmanship of this stunning piece but after the first bite you won’t feel entirely guilty! A fantastic modern take on traditional baklava, rounded and clipped in a delicate spherical fashion, its easy on the eye and even easier to consume in two bites.

Why not check out the classic loukoumades. A mix of cinnamon honey syrup, walnuts, and vanilla bean ice-cream. It’s also available in chocolate (so get both).

However, if the tooth is not feeling particularly sweet after mains, then Aristotle’s cheese plate will seal the deal at the end, matched with a vast variety of tastebud tantalising dessert wines. Satisfaction is surely imminent.


Whether a smart casual event or formal, Aristole’s is perfect for dates and special occasions alike. Picture this: stunning, traditional Greek cuisine with a beautiful modern twist in a gorgeous quaint venue among the refined and stylish town of Neutral Bay. All at a very reasonable price.

It’s ambiance is matched equally with impeccable service and the warm beautiful hospitality and naturalness that comes with anything Greek. You are guaranteed to leave beyond content and with a grin on your face. OPA!


Shop 1, 24 Young Street,
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

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Contributed by Nicole, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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