Drinking wine the right way with Taylors Wines


Did you know that you’ve been drinking your wine, especially red wine, WRONG all this time?

Thanks to Taylors Wines, who this year surveyed 27 of the country’s food, drink and wine experts, gained the insight that serving wine at the right temperature will improve its taste and aroma, with over 90 per cent of respondents agreeing that it will also lead to a greater appreciation of individual varietals.

Figures show that a MASSIVE 80 per cent of Australians drink their red wine too warm and their white wine too cold, with approximately over 800,000 bottles of red and white wine each day inadvertently consumed at the wrong temperature. WOW!

So what is the right temperature?

  • For white wine: the optimum serving temperature range is between 6°C-12°C depending on the variety
  • For red wines: the optimum serving temperature range 12°C-18°C depending on the variety.


I know what you’re saying now, how will you know the exact temperature of your wine?

Well the geniuses at Taylors Wines have thought of that too, including temperature sensor labels on the backs of their wines which change colour, indicating when your bottle of choice is at it’s optimum temperature to enjoy. Taylors Wines’ temperature sensitive labels have been so popular, that it’s led them to launch a set of temperature sensitive stickers for wine lovers to use on any bottle of wine.


By registering at winetemperature.com.au, you’ll be able to (Australian wine drinkers only) get a hold of your very own temperature sensor stickers for FREE to try on any bottle of wine. All you need is a fridge and 30 minutes of your time (for red wine, or 15 minutes for white) to make any bottle of wine taste better.

Taylors Temperature Challenge: 5 simple steps to learn how temperature can make a massive difference

  1. Pour yourself a glass of wine as you normally would and enjoy
  2. Put the bottle in the fridge (30 minutes for red wine, 15 minutes for white)
  3. Remove the bottle from the fridge and look at the ‘current temperature indicator’ on the back label
  4. Activate the sensor by swiping your finger to see if the colour matches the perfect temperature range on the scale next to the indicator
  5. Once its reached the perfect temperature, pour a glass and taste the difference for yourself.

Our very own personal Taylors’ Temperature Challenge

We always knew that it was important to let your wine breathe, say in a decanter to enhance its flavor, but we never knew that temperature impacted it too!


All set and ready to discover the difference temperature makes, we set up our wine challenge accordingly with bottles sitting at room temperature and already in the fridge.


While I know a bunch of you wino’s would simply think it’s absolutely mad to wait to drink your wine, I can assure you that we and a select few thought the exact same thing. But nevertheless we strove to have some semblance of willpower and held out just long enough for those ingenious little stickers (now standard on all Taylors wine bottles) to turn that magic optimum colour.


Only then did we indulge ourselves and relish in the fruity notes of our labors. Let me tell you there were a lot of very pleased faces around the table as reds tasted crisper and whites bolder, flavors that were way too prominent became balanced.


To be honest it was a real eye opener for us and our guests, after living years and years only thinking in red and white / warm and cold, we came to really appreciate that middle ground that gives you a perfect drinking experience.



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