Where to eat in Haymarket: A Touch of Spice

Where to eat in Haymarket: A Touch of Spice

George street is such an iconic part of Sydney and has been for many years due to it’s wide range of entertaining options. From fashion, movies and of course, food! Working with our friends from Transport NSW we’ve highlighted some of our favourite (and spiciest) dining destinations on George Street. So take an incredible oriental food tour of Haymarket with us, as we indulge our passion for Asian food.

First stop was Pho Pasteur an authentic Vietnamese eatery that’s been on George Street for over 10 years. This little local gem is serving up some very delicious food at great value. We smashed some of their fresh rice paper rolls and their sugar cane prawns. Delicious is an understatement.

Next up was Nua Lao, a fiery little eatery that specialises in Thai and Lao food. Boasting a menu full of spicy dishes, including some hardcore raw options, we went for the whole fried fish and an absolutely mouthwatering seafood curry served in a coconut.

Moving on we went to an old favourite. Marigold Yum Cha. In a sea of steaming dumplings and succulent meats we were in our glory.

Moving along, we popped into Two Sticks Chinese. A great new place serving some blazing good fare. We had the Torch Festival Prawn Skewers. A dish of juicy plum prawns set in a bowl of chilli sauce then set ablaze for that extra flare. Talk about heating things up on George Street!

Finally we ended the night at Lantern by Wagaya. A Japanese restaurant serving up fresh and tasty sushi, amongst other Japanese dishes. We played a game of sushi roulette, a game of chance where one piece is filled with a brain blowing amount of wasabi. I unfortunately had the pleasure of experiencing this and let me tell you, my sinuses have never been clearer.

If you love spice, then George Street Haymarket is the place to be.



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