Get Carried Away with the LIFESTYLE CHANNEL

Foxtel Lifestyle Event celebrating 20 years of Lifestyle on Foxtel. From leff is Mel Buttle, Neale Whittaker, Paul West, Andrew Winter and Claire Hooper. 21st September 2016
Foxtel Lifestyle Event celebrating 20 years of Lifestyle on Foxtel. From leff is Mel Buttle, Neale Whittaker, Paul West, Andrew Winter and Claire Hooper.

For the last 20 years The Lifestyle Channel has celebrated the small (and big) things in life, so it’s only natural that the spotlight is turned around to celebrate Lifestyle itself. 20 years on Foxtel (and putting smiles on peoples faces) is no small thing so in conjunction with World Gratitude Day, celebrations were held over two exciting nights.

Lifestyle also conducted some research to see what Australians were truly thankful for with a massive 79% of Australians revealing family and friends were at the top of their list.


We decided on the first night, and were whisked away in a flashy black car to a secret location in Sydney. Pulling up to the snazzy Old Clare Hotel and up the elevator we were met with a barrage of beautiful colours and smells. Each table was decked out in the most beautiful arrangement of flowers, emulating Lifestyle’s gorgeous new look and color scheme.

The Lifestyle Group’s General Manager, Hannah Barnes, was thrilled to unveil the new look saying: “Today’s rebrand recognises the unique quirks and qualities of each of our shows and brings that joy and colour to life in a fresh, new way.”

While walking around with delicious cocktails and rubbing shoulders with some of Lifestyle’s onscreen personalities I couldn’t help but wonder how much I’ve learnt from watching the channel over the years.

It wasn’t until we recently purchased a house that I realised how much I’ve been influenced by the likes of Andrew Winter, Donna Hay, Shaynna Blaze, Paul West and more. Weekend’s spent shopping for furniture seem easier after seeing hundreds of styling and furnishing tips. DIY projects go oh so smoothly and if I didn’t have a green thumb before, I certainly do now.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent absorbed watching Nigella baking her cakes or Maggie cooking roasts, but I can certainly say they’ve left a lasting impression. Just last week I thought I had kicked major butt creating a gorgeous shoulder of lamb, only to realize I had made it exactly as I had seen it on Matt Moran’s Paddock to Plate (well not exactly, I’m not THAT good). I’m not even the Greek one but I even find myself exclaiming “What a malaka!” thanks to Anastasia’s antics on Gogglebox.

Sitting down at our gorgeously appointed table, each guest was surprised with a personalized and unique gift, along with a fantastic ‘Tasting menu’, where their selection of entrée and main were determined by a canape tasting of each meal. Each of the delicious meals were inspired by a Lifestyle talent including Maggie Beer’s Barossa milk-fed lamb, Matt Moran’s coconut and lime ceviche and Donna Hay’s mouthwatering chocolate brownie, all carried out by Aria catering. All these delectable plates were accompanied by wines expertly matched by Aria’s talented sommelier.

All in all, a fabulous event and a great way to celebrate what we are grateful for. For us it’s good food, good wine and good company. All of these enjoyed on this special night.


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