The Citibank Dining Program at Yellow, Potts Point


Yellow in Potts Point, with it’s menu dedicated to vegetarian and vegan dishes, has been on our list for a long time. A very long time. From the folks behind Monopole and Bentley, this one hat restaurant is said to be the very best in glorifying the humble vegetable. And we were so very excited to finally try them out!


Dining at a one hatted restaurant is almost guaranteed to be a fabulous experience. However, nothing puts a smile on our face quicker than finding out that a restaurant is part of the Citibank Dining Program. Because this means a free bottle of wine! So from their excellent options, we selected a 2014 Mount Pleasant Philip Shiraz. Medium bodied and full of delicious berry notes.


We started with some housemade bread and butter. The sourdough was freshly baked with a fantastic crunchiness to the crust and warm and soft on the inside. The butter was divine. The bread and butter served at fine dining establishments is always a good indicator of how good the meal is going to be and we knew we were in for a treat!


The first plate of snacks included porcini biscuit and polenta, potato crisp and kombu, and lentil crackling and tumeric. All 3 snacks were absolutely delicious. However, the lentil crackling and tumeric was the standout. Who knew lentils could be this amazing!


The second plate of snacks was baby corn and almond crunch. That almond crunch was a crowd pleaser, both in terms of flavours and textures. It was so nutty and creamy and then had a fabulous crunch. An absolute winning dish!


Our first course was celeriac, sesame and shark fin melon. The sesame came through quite clearly, the celeriac was creamy and delicious and the shark fin melon was light and fresh and balanced everything out nicely. A great little starter to whet our appetites!


Next up was the squash, pepitas and mustard flowers. A visually stunning dish, it appealed to all the senses. The flavours, the textures and the beautiful warm colours.


We then had one of the favourites for the night. Kohlrabi, enoki mushroom, vegetable broth. The enoki mushrooms, with their unique texture, combined with the delicious vegetable broth were the standouts. With the fresh crunch from the kohlrabi, this was a cracking dish!


The roasted parsnip, cabbage and buttermilk was yet another favourite. If parsnips tasted this good all the time, we’d gladly eat it every day!! Incredibly creamy and delicious. Absolute comfort food.


Next was the Japanese turnip, broad bean shoots and fresh curds. The curd was nestled underneath the soft turnip and had a slight tartness to it that work beautifully with the turnip. This was quite a pleasant surprise! Very delicious!


Our last savoury course was the sprouting purple broccoli, amaranth and radicchio. This dish was all about texture. Every element had a very unique textural aspect that all complimented each other. A fantastic end to the savouries!


Our first dessert was yoghurt sorbet, fermented blueberries and watermelon. The favourite! That yoghurt sorbert was absolutely delicious, and coupled with the icy watermelon granita, this was a thoroughly delightful dessert.


Our final dessert was pumpkin ice cream, licorice and kumquat. We were a little apprehensive about the thick dark licorice smear across the bowl, and on it’s own, it was quite a strong, bold flavour. However, eating everything together was such a delicious flavour combination. And a fabulous end to our wonderful meal.


We finally ticked Yellow off our list. Whilst we’re not vegetarians (not even close!) we thoroughly enjoyed our vegetarian dinner at this very popular one hatted restaurant. If you’d like to see your everyday humble veggies be jazzed up to whole new levels, why not try this vegetarian restaurant.

And don’t forget to sweeten the experience with the Citibank free bottle of vino!

Did you know? The Citibank Dining Program has partnered with 100’s of restaurants around Australia, ranging from your local favourites to some of Australia’s best hatted restaurants with Citi customers receiving a complimentary bottle of wine at each.


57 Macleay Street,
Potts Point, NSW 2011

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Contributed by Susan, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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