Menulog turns 10!! Celebrate with $10 off your next order!


Menulog turns 10 – lets celebrate!

The food culture in Sydney has gone through such a dynamic change over the past 10 years, and who would have thought that it’s progressed to such a healthy place. Eating healthy nowadays doesn’t just mean saying “I’ll just have a salad”.  It’s totally hip and trendy to order a green smoothie, or to find kale on your breakfast table.

Quinoa is cool (like seriously), almond lattes are ordered in the hundreds and kale is being farmed in such extremes there was legitimately a shortage. Taking care of yourself and your body has never been at it’s highest demand so subsequently having delicious, healthy food is becoming widely available. Riding the wave, restaurants and cafes alike are altering their menus, boosting it with foodie favourites and providing a balance between that guilty meal and healthy one.

Another reason why this has taken off so quickly is our accessibility to it all. Now a days fresh and wholesome food can be delivered straight to your door at the click of a button, and nobody does this better than Menulog. Celebrating their 10th Birthday, Menulog have partnered with over 7,500 restaurants Australia wide bringing an impressive 130 different types of cuisine straight to your table. In celebration of this huge milestone we did a little ordering ourselves, to create this delicious homage out of fresh sushi and sashmi.

And for all our readers, we are offering a discount code for $10 off your next order, simply enter “HungryGuys” to redeem.


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