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When a new Eastern European eatery opens in Sydney, let alone Marrickville we are usually the first to jump in and check it out, so when we heard about Barzaari we eagerly made a reservation. Set to appeal to the inner-west locals as well as a vast demographic looking for a quality food and wine experience, Barzaari opened it’s doors on July 12th 2016.


The restaurant/bar comes to Marrickville by chef Darryl Martin (Quay, Foveaux) and restaurateur Andrew Jordanou who’s Cypriot heritage plays a huge role in the product and spices used in their delicious fare.


tiropitakia- feta & ricotta, mandarin, pine nut, SA caper leaves 14

We started with this delightfully modern take on the classic Greek Feta Triangle pastry. These crisp cylinders were filled with a smooth creamy filling of ricotta and feta and doused in a beautiful mandarin syrup.


Adorning this were segments of mandarin, pine nuts for added crunch and most interesting of all the caper leaves, which produce a delicate caper taste that balances the dish perfectly.


lamb breast- cracked spices, sheep’s yoghurt, red pepper 15

What a delightful dish, the ample cigar was filled with succulent lamb encased in a golden crisp pastry that was positively divine with the yoghurt sauce.

DSC07912 DSC07925

ox tongue- onion, cabbage salad, golden raisins 14

I’m a big fan of ox tongue and this dish really solidified that for me. The meat is like a crispy casing for the crunchy fresh salad within. The golden raisins sitting on top bring a burst of sweetness to each bite adding a real plus.


wood fired Coffin Bay Pacific oyster- lountza, parsley stalk 4.5

Now if you’ve read any of our other posts, you will know that coffin bay are our favourite oysters, so when we saw this on the menu we ordered them straight away. The gentle cooking in the wood fire really accentuated the flavour of the oysters, however I think perhaps a choice between cooked and natural would be optimal.


pork neck, crackle, fennel, pita 33

Easily our favourite of the night, the pork was sizzling hot from the oven, with a freshly baked pita thats still steaming. Honestly this is a simple dish and it really hit the mark for us. One of the best dishes I’ve had in Sydney of late.


octopus- garlic, mint, lemon, olive oil 24

These tenticals were huge and juicy with a delicious and fresh dressing that brought a nice zing to the dish. Each bite was super tender with the light charring giving a caramelized flavour to the meat.


soujouko + sandpit coffee 13

Check this out being made up front, by the door. Water and coffee are added into the copper coffee pot, then passed through the sand. When the coffee starts to foam and bubble, its ready to be served.


pistachio cake- kitromilo, blossom, kataifi 14


What a beautiful desert this was! A kataifi disk sits perfectly on top, hiding the delicious cake and ice cream underneath. The intense pistachio flavours match perfectly with the orange and blossom.


What a superb restaurant and an excellent addition to the inner-west and Sydney dining scene. With it’s delicious food and chic bazaar style atmosphere this restaurant is easily set to become one of Sydney’s best.



65 Addison Road,
Marrickville, NSW 2204

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