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Yakitori Yurippi is one of very few yakitori restaurants around Sydney. For those not familiar with yakitori, it is Japanese skewers. Traditionally chicken, the term yakitori is now used much more broadly to represent any type of Japanese skewer. At Yakitori Yurippi, they have the charcoal grill going, just as you would see it in Japan.


The restaurant is fairly small with bar seating (best seat in the house, facing the kitchen) and is typical of the izakaya establishments you see in Tokyo. There are also a handful of small tables and a large table for groups.


We started our yakitori feast with Suntory Premium Malt. We nibbled on edamame beans as we waited for our first order to arrive.


First came burdock root chips that went unbelievably well with the beer. Salty, crunchy, chewy and so extremely moreish. Move over popcorn and peanuts, we’ve found the best new beer snack!


As we waited in anticipation for our first yakitori, we were shown a few of their sake offerings. When in doubt as to which one to choose, just go with ‘all of the above!’ like we did. All went down very smoothly, which can be a dangerous thing! They’re potent! But that’s good, right? 😉


Our first skewers were the pork belly (left) and chicken and shallot (right). Amazingly tender and very juicy, both were delicious. However, our pick was definitely the chicken with the charred crusty edges!


Next up was the bacon wrapped mochi. Oh Em Gee. Do yourself a favour and grab one of these (or three!). Hot chewy sticky rice wrapped with the world’s best protein (bacon of course). This was a truly fantastic flavour and texture combination.


We then tried the scallops in kombu butter. If you’ve never tried kombu butter before, you’ve been missing out. Ridiculously tasty with so much umame. Beautifully grilled scallops and that amazing kombu butter. Perfection!


The salad we got consisted of cabbage leaves dressed in sesame oil and sesame seeds. Crunchy and delicious!


No Japanese meal is complete without karaage. Theirs is a mini version served with kewpie mayo. Deep fried to perfection, juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. This is fried chicken at its best!


If you have stomach space, do order the Japanese omelette. Made with dashi stock, despite it’s relative simplicity, it’s full of flavour, light and airy. Rolled up and sliced, it makes for the perfect side dish or beer snack.


Our last skewer for the day is one of their specialities. Tsukune, a chicken meatball of sorts, wrapped around a skewer stick. It has a sweet soy glaze over the top and is utterly delicious. Dip it into an onsen egg and your taste buds will be eternally grateful. An absolute must order dish!


We then wound down with the oden stew made from Japanese fish cakes. All the fish cakes are housemade which in itself is an amazing feat (they’re not easy to make!!) The flavour in the soup is amazing and perfect for that cold winters day.


We wrapped up with a traditional dish called Tori Chazuke. Rice served with kombu, shallots, puffed rice, an ume shiso paste, and a pot of chicken and dashi broth on the side. The broth is poured into the rice, mixed and then eaten. The broth had a wonderful depth of flavour and it was a fantastic wrap up to this thoroughly enjoyable meal.


The team at Yakitori Yurippi are grilling yakitori and other dishes to perfection, in much the same way that you would get from an izakaya in the middle of Tokyo. Sydney has an abundance of Japanese restaurants but we’re sorely lacking in those who specialise in yakitori. So these guys are a welcome addition to the food scene and we can’t wait to see what new and innovative skewer combinations they come out with!

Yakitori Yurippi

7 Falcon Street,
Crows Nest, NSW 2065

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Contributed by Susan, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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