Chefs Gallery, Town Hall


Chefs Gallery Town Hall provides a dining experience like no other Chinese restaurant. The dishes are classic, the decorations are contemporary and you can see exactly what’s happening behind the glass walled kitchen, which adds to the fun.


Globe amaranth and jasmine flower tea bulb (left) and Calendula flower and jasmine flower tea bulb (right)

We started with these interesting flowers served in boiled water and insulated tea cups. As the flowers slowly sank to the bottom of the glasses, the tea leaves slowly opened revealing vibrant flowers hand-sewn into gorgeous designs at the center of the glass matched by the natural aroma of the jasmine.


Handmade wheat flour noodles, zucchini noodles and red cabbage are made into a Zha Jiang noodle. Before eating, make sure you mix this dish up as they only pour the minced pork belly sauce over the noodles.


The Fish dumplings here are their signature and we can see why. The prawns used are super fresh, and the celery served in the fish broth with bonito flakes are just super delicious.


The pan fried pork and cabbage pot stickers take around 20-25 minutes to cook said our waitress, but we knew they would be worth it in the end. And yes, they certainly were. Equally as good as their signature fish dumplings, a must order dish.


The description of this plate on the menu pretty much sums up this dish: Piggy and Eggy Fairyland Prince and Princess Piggy (sesame buns) and their friends Eggy and Yolky (egg custard buns) meet up in the milky way surrounded by magical stars and meteors. Gimmicky and super cute, we had to order them.


Fried mini bread rolls served with condensed milk (5 pieces)

Sometimes, the bread is the best part of any meal. In this case, the chef’s recommend that you order the black pepper wagyu beef and prawns in wasabi mayonnaise to go hand in hand with these mini fried bread rolls. It’s on our list for next time! This time, we are just way too full.


Our time at Chefs Gallery near Town Hall station is nothing but an excellent experience. Not only is the food great, the services was on point even during their busiest time period.

Chefs Gallery Town Hall

Regent Place
12/501 George Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Paul, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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