Tang Hui Restaurant, Sydney CBD


Tang Hui Restaurant is a high-end, luxury restaurant located just inside the World Square Shopping Centre. You wont really miss it, with a 3.4m high ‘Terracotta Warrior’ standing guard outside the front.


The restaurant offers an amazing dining environment. It may look narrow from the outside, but it’s actually a huge space, decorated differently in each and every room. There’s everything from wooden ornate doors, a lotus pond, ancient Chinese bells and big wooden coins hanging on the walls.


Every corner of Tang Hui Restaurant reveals a deep sense of classical Chinese culture. Check out these exquisite wood carved mini versions of the Forbidden City, placed in every room. Each of them is worth more than ten thousand dollars. WOW!


For groups, Tang Hui Restaurant offers private dining rooms, each themed differently and furnished with delicate decorations, creating an ultimate sense of luxury and beauty.


If you’re dining at Tang Hui, you have to get their Peking Duck. It’s their signature dish, traditionally roasted and taking 2 days to prepare.


It’s sliced and diced right in front of you. And the crispy skin is delish!



We rolled the duck with fresh cucumber and sweet bean sauce, creating tasty duck pancakes. You may want to add some of their mustard sauce if you’re after something a little bit spicy, or eat with their Hoisin sauce for a more salty dish.

web-19From the cleanest air comes the purest ‘bottled water’ and we were lucky enough to be served this Tasmanian Cape Grim bottled water. It’s the only bottled rain water in the world, with the purest rain water only harvested on days of the absolute highest air quality in Tasmania.


Next up was the squid, and boy could we taste the difference. This was super fresh, even though it was deep fried. A mix of the right level of crispy, and the perfect amount of salt and pepper.


Their cold cut beef consisted of thinly sliced flavoured beef. They smelled so good and were tender, served with a very light homemade mustard dressing.


Beef ribs are alot more tasty, but they’re a lot harder to cook than pork ribs. They have to be cooked low and slow. Tang Hui’s marinated boneless beef ribs were a good example of beef ribs done well, served with a salty and slightly sour mustard sauce to enhance the flavour.


For something abit lighter, we opted for their lightly pan fried & grilled Glacier 51 Tooth fish. It was dressed with a tropical fruit sauce, and served with crisp asparagus to add a delightful texture.


When you’re eating a meal, have you ever wished that it would never end. Well that’s how I felt whilst eating this wok fried marinated lamb. Complimented by leek, chili and deep fried garlic.


My favourite dish at Tang Hui was this pan seared scallop with snow peas. The scallops were imported from Canada and I can tell you it was one of the best scallop creations I’ve ever had. The homemade XO sauce was spicy, but delicious.


Boiled baby spinach & Spanish ham swimming in broth make for one beautiful smell. Such a perfect soup for winter, warm and hearty.


This wok fried baby spinach was similar in taste to the above soup, but had a stronger texture with crushed walnuts.


The chef told us that this dessert is steamed for 5 hours with a touch of Chinese rock sugar. Tang Hui’s Steamed Pears aren’t super sweet, they’re topped off with cocoa powder and a slice of strawberry. A very interesting dessert.


From left to right:

– Blood Diamond (Blood Orange Sorbet, Mandarin, Fennel, Citrus)
– She Drives (Homemade Sparkling Red Berry Tea, Citrus, Peychaud`s Bitters)


– Mandarin & Fennel Sour (Cognac,  Mandarin, Fennel, Citrus, Peychaud`s Bitters, Whites)
– My Bitter X (Ketel One Vodka, Aperol, Blood Orange Sorbet, Bubbles)


Because we love a drink! Dry Heaven – Gin mare Mediterranean gin, dry vermouth, fino Sherry, pickle brine, dill, served with olives and pickles.


Tang Hui Restaurant is a worthy addition to the food scene. It’s on the top of our list of restaurant’s for special occasions and it should be on yours too.

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Tang Hui

680 George Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Paul, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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