Cooking Maruko Gyoza at home

Feeling Gyoza?

Have you tried Maruko Gyoza yet? They’re a Japanese-run, Australian company that make delicious Japanese pork dumplings, perfect for home cooking. Each and every gyoza is assembled in Sydney with their pork, vegetables, and dough all produced in Australia. To be exact, 98% of their ingredients are Australian sourced.


To cook your gyoza at home, follow these SUPER simple directions, and you’ll be well on your way to eating your gyoza in minutes:

  1. Put 1 Tbsp of oil into a hot pan
  2. Place your frozen Maruko Gyoza into the pan
  3. Add 100 mL of water and then cover the pan with a lid for 4 minutes
  4. Your gyoza are now finished! Enjoy


So what’s so good about Maruko Gyoza?

Apart from being produced with 98% Australian sourced ingredients, they use a secret ingredient and have extensive quality testing. Their dumpling wrappers are a simple flour-water mixture, but their flour itself is TOP SECRET! And this gives Maruko Gyoza their distinctive taste difference.

And in regards to their quality testing, this involves two steps. The first step is to ensure all gyoza are uniform in shape and size and are held together well. The second step is to use a highly sensitive machine which checks each and every gyoza for containments. Any contamination would come from workers or the equipment used. This enables Maruko Gyoza to pump out quality gyoza, everytime.


MARUKO Gyoza Competition!

Just by tagging or sharing, you have the chance to win:

A Cuisinart chef iA+ saute pan with lid (28cm)
2 Maruko frozen gyoza packets

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