Rawsons Restaurant, The Epping Club


The new Rawsons Restaurant situated in the stunningly presented Epping Club in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, brings a deliciously new aged flavour to this long-standing historic establishment.


With in house cultured butter, beautifully aged beef and soufflés as big as your head, you cannot begin to protest reinvesting your hard earned TAB winnings back into this beautiful, family friendly, well priced eatery.


Organic sourdough/cultured butter for two ($6.50)/Gordo Olives ($6.50)

A definite fire igniter, the thick cheese like consistency of this in house cultured butter will leave you in awe.


Accompanied by succulent tangy gordo olives, this enticer will open the flood gates to hunger. You’ll also find yourself perusing the menu again, to decide which dishes are made with this beautiful butter (and which you’ll need a few sneaky bits of sourdough to accompany, for mopping up purposes later on – of course!).


Cultured butter And Clams-Weekly Special

The only harsh reality one has to face with this dish is that it isn’t on the menu permanently! The freshness of the clams are drenched in melted cultured butter and have an almost lightly smoked flavour. This dish doesn’t stay long on the plate but now you understand why it was advised you keep a sneaky piece of sourdough. Clam infused, smokey, butter dip? It’s self explanatory.


“Og” house smoked salmon/capers/rye crumbs/sour cream cheese/dill- $16.90

Fresh, tasty, powerful. There is not much else to say about this classic gem. The flavours greet each other with a handshake in your mouth! With the beautifully smoked salmon, creamy dill topped sour cream and the delightful little pops of the splayed capers and crunchy rye crumbs, you can not go wrong with selecting this dish.


Aged Smoked Rump Cap $28.00 /300 gram Drover Grain Fed beef sirloin $32.00

Before you are even seated your eyes are automatically drawn to the meat cabinet – the pièce de résistance. Delicacies that won’t break the bank, the aged beef rump cap will steal a place in your heart right next to the divine red wine jus.


The mouth enveloping sirloin with its butter like consistency will have you in a comatose state of bovine heaven! With gorgeous condiments that accompany it ( jus,jus,jus!), if you can withstand implosion don’t forget to accompany it with some traditional triple cooked chips ($8.00) or buttered greens ($8.00).


Chocolate marquise/cherry sorbet/coconut/rosemary-($13.90)

This decadent dessert of rich chocolate marquise is accompanied by coconut cream beaten to within an inch of its life to create a beautiful mousse, heavenly tangy cherry sorbet, crumbed shortbread and an ever so light kiss of rosemary. Your new night time fantasies will be 50 shades of chocolate.


Soufflé ($12.90)

They say the successful execution of a soufflé is an art form itself and these culinary Picasso’s have done just that. Beautifully presented in a stainless steel soufflé pot, the only thing deflating this dessert was my spoon.


Served with a tangy raspberry sauce and fruity sorbet the only disappointing part of this dessert is when you see the stainless steel bottom of the pot.


All in all, Rawsons Restaurant is the perfect well priced treat you’ve been looking for. Without the need to venture into the city you will find here high quality food prepared with the utmost passion and care in a beautiful venue that is perfect for all types of events and diners.

Contentment and fun is to be had here too, and with food this good I guarantee you won’t be tempted by the beck and call of the poker machines situated in the club. Not even slightly! Enjoy!

Rawsons Restaurant

45 Rawson Street,
Epping, NSW 2121

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Contributed by Nicole, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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