Parsons Bar and Kitchen, Potts Point


Are you looking for a sense of community? A home away from home, Parsons’ Bar and Kitchen is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Owned by two brothers, Joe and Nick, along with their friend (Chef Daniel); this hidden gem is a force to be reckoned with.


Their sense of family and community shines through their personal service towards each of their customers. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted with the warmth and character of this newly renovated establishment. Situated in Potts Point, on a quiet street corner, it’s the perfect place for an evening of cocktails and conversation.


Stone Fruit Sour ($18)

A perfect balance of both sweet and sour, this refreshing cocktail will bring any citrus loving person to life. A combination of gin, passion fruit and apricot brandy is a delightful start to a well-rounded evening.


Parsons’ Mistress ($18)

Perfection can take time; in this case, a year to be exact. However with some creativity and imagination, authentic happiness can be born. Belvedere, elderflower, gin, egg white and fresh mint – 5 ingredients that when mixed together create a fusion of delicate flavour.

Accompanied with olives ($4). Sail through the Mediterranean with garlic and rosemary infused olives. Marinated for over 3 weeks; these are the perfect compliment to an evening of wine and conversation.


The Best Chips ($9)

Calling all potato lovers – The Best Chips in town have arrived – and they are actually called THE BEST CHIPS for a reason! These hand cut, twice-cooked pieces of perfection are exactly what every chip enthusiast adores. Crispy from the outside, fluffy within and a sprinkle of rosemary salt is all it takes. If you’re a sauce admirer; do not fret – their home-grown rosemary and oregano Aioli is a wonderful addition.


Southern-Fried Chicken Wings ($15)

If you’re looking for a Deep South taste, look no further than these tender southern fried wings.


This succulent dish is exactly what you’re expecting when you look at the menu. Crispy battered chicken that just falls off the bone; perfect for a poultry devotee.


Spinach and Feta Ravioli ($16)

History is something that is in abundance at Parsons’. Along with the history of the area comes history of family. This Home made spinach and Feta Ravioli smells like a dish you would expect from a traditional Italian kitchen. Dressed in a family recipe of tomato salsa; this dish brings a taste of Italy across the seas.


Sage and Pepper Puff ($14)

Prepared with the finest fresh ingredients, this Sage and Pepper Puff is a great balance between pastry, vegetables and feta. Lets not forget the home grown sage to top it off!


Ice Cream Sandwich ($16)

For those with a sweet tooth Parsons’ presents a construction of home made salted caramel and peanut butter gelato, sandwiched between two cookie buns and topped with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Pure indulgence.


Parsons Bar and Kitchen

3 Kellett Street,
Potts Point, NSW 2011

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Contributed by Nicole Dangoor, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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