Hunter & Barrel, Cockle Bay Wharf


Hunter & Barrel, located on the iconic Cockle Bay Wharf among some of the big guns of the restaurant game, brings new meaning to the term rustic refinement. Whether it’s for a hearty meal after a long day in the CBD or a Friday night date where the edge of the city is your playground, you are sure to see fireworks (legitimate fireworks guaranteed on Friday and Saturday nights). Lumberjack attire is of course optional.


It is highly recommended that you commence your evening with the Hunter’s platter ($28.00). As the aromatic smells projecting from the smoker in kitchen entice even the most meat prodigious diners this simplistic creation is sure to take the edge off that mountaineers hunger. With the most beautifully marbled cured slices of Wagu meat, juicy olives and a selection of pickled delights on top of a white crunchy slice of bread. This is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, just don’t forget to spread that smoked butter thick.


Now, if the deer heads and smoked house laden air didn’t feel you with animalistic contentment then the Smoked Margarita will. With a serving suggestion of 2 (or 1, just ditch the additional glass).


Not just your stock standard margarita, you’ll notice fresh burst’s of smoked butter, rosemary and paprika envelop your taste buds all whilst licking the remnants of the cinnamon and himalyan rocksalt covered rim off your lips!


Spicy fried corn ($7.00)

High expectations were set as this was a personally recommended favourite by the staff and without a doubt expectations were met. With a very mild heat and simplistic presentation, this corn is far from ordinary. Deep fried to perfection and finished off with a sprinkle of green chilli salt, I would recommend individual portions as this one was increasingly hard to share.


Chilli garlic prawns ($18.00)

It certainly pays to be this close to the water! These beautiful meaty prawns although may seem like a small portion, is certainly a case of quality over quantity. Encrusted in butter, chilli and garlic with a drizzle of lemon this starter was nothing short of sensational. Don’t forget to keep some bread to mop up the devine aftermarth!


Mussels steamed in smoked porter- ($16.00)

The ocean is a long way from the hunters forest but I must say the seafood will not disappoint. The steamed mussels were incredibly fresh and the sauce allowed you to completely appreciate just how wonderful mussels are.


The Chieftain-($16.00)

WARNING VEGETARIANS. One may tend to loose it temporarily when offered meat produce and alcohol in the same glass, this I see as being a pure stroke genius. With a range of far out elements all beautifully fused together with the slightest hint of prosciutto, the chieftain is certainly one of the Chief’s on this cocktail list.


The Connoisseur- ($16.00)

Do not leave this establishment without having at least one of these. This deconstructed delight will have you in a state of euphoria.


Beautifully presented in three separate glasses, you’re able to self pour the rum and freshly pressed apple juice to your desired taste. As all the elements infuse together, your glass will start to literally smoke, BUT do not be alarmed! This is magic in the process.


Now, for the main event! The Hunter’s Feast ($38pp, serves two very hungry hunter’s) consisting of beef rump cap, chicken thigh, pork belly and wagyu sausage with the accompaniment of four delectable sides of your choice!


In this instance, cast iron garlic button mushrooms, grain salad, coal roasted corn with honey and butter and grilled cauliflower with garlic sauce and toasted almonds. Speechless. If a meat coma hasn’t yet been defined as a condition in current medical journals then after the consumption of this feast it certainly should be. The pork belly was absolutely sensational! In terms of value you can’t get much better than this in Sydney.


Golden Syrup Dumplings ($10.00)

Loosen your belt! After that carnivorous experience it’s time for some self indulgence. Combing three elements that reside very close to my heart – dough, maple syrup and accompanied by fresh cream.


Although not overly sweet all elements compliment each other like an old friend. This dessert definitely feels like a warm cuddle after a hard day out in the cold.


Chocolate & Marshmallow Roast ($10.00)

With the feels of an old school 80’s classic, this traditional American favourite has been deconstructed  and revamped to suit the modern day era.


With a beautiful nutty chocolate base and covered with delicious perfectly roasted marshmallows and accompanied by digestive biscuits, the only real dilemma I can foresee when choosing this dessert is are you going to dunk or sandwich your biscuits?


So, after the damage is done and you feel contentment like no other, it’s time to hang up all hunting equipment and enjoy the sensational atmosphere Hunter and Barrel has to offer. In the short space of time that the restaurant has been running it is growing increasingly popular by the day and I would advise that bookings are essential.


Definable by its warm charm, wonderful hospitality and amazing value for money, you will soon find yourself constantly thinking about the next time you get to escape the hustle and bustle and roam the menu in this magical establishment.

Hunter and Barrel

Tenancy 303
Cockle Bay Wharf, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Nicole, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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