McDonalds release 4,000 500ml bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce this week


In a world first from this week, McDonalds are selling 4,000 500ml bottles of their special Big Mac Sauce. So if you like Big Macs, it’s probably because of their secret “special” sauce.

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Available from only 40 restaurants around the country for $4.95 until stocks run out.


Paul Tredinnick, Senior Marketing Director said, “Last year we had plenty of Aussies ask us where they could get bottles of our Special Sauce from, so we’re extremely excited to be able to again give Australians what they want – 500mls of pure Big Mac sauce. We don’t expect the bottles to stay on the shelves long, so make sure you get in quick!”


But don’t worry, if they run out: simply request your nearest McDonalds add some Big Mac sauce to your favourite McDonalds Burger or nuggets.

UPDATED NOTE: McDonalds sold out of their limited time only 500ml bottles of special sauce within 15 minutes. With many buyers listing their $4.95 McDonalds Big Mac sauce on eBay or Gumtree for more than $100.

How about making your own Big Mac Sauce? Click here for the FAMOUS Big Mac Sauce recipe.

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