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Perfectly framed against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour, The Gantry have been doing great things this past year. Greatest of all was getting exemplary chef Joel Bickford on board to run the show. Using his experience from his time at Biota Dining, Bickford has revolutionised The Gantry’s menu, turning the freshest seasonal ingredients into edible art.


Amuse bouche

This special treat from the chef started our meal with a pleasant surprise. A delicious dip made from fish roe reminiscent of some of the best Taramasalatas I’ve had. My favourite part was scooping it up with the light as air cracker, which melted in your mouth upon contact with your tongue.


Oysters $4 each

Of course sitting by the water on a bright and sunny day calls for a large plate of oysters (like we needed an excuse). We had a lovely range of Pacific and Sydney rock, each with their own unique flavours and textures.


pork – chicory – nectarine – mustard 24

What a dish! The pork was ridiculously tender, falling apart at the touch. The only thing seemingly keeping it together was the crispy crackling skin which added a lovely crunchy chew texture to each mouthful. The chicory added a pleasant bitterness, while the nectarine balanced it out with some sweetness. An excellent dish!


crab – kohlrabi – salted cream 26

Our lovely waitress told us when ordering that chef Joel Bickford (Biota Dining) created each dish with a surprise. This was easily apparent when this hit the table. A simple yet beautifully presented mound awaited us. All we had to do was lift the veil, so to speak, and relish in the hidden wonders within.


Delicately lifting each wafer thin sheet of kohlrabi, we revealed a creamy mound of sweet and succulent crab meat mixed with a light salted cream to balance the flavour. The kohlrabi had been pickled giving it a sharp sweet taste along with a delightful crunch.


sweetbreads – parsnip – mushrooms – tail  24

Sweetbreads have exploded into restaurants over the years and it’s not hard to understand why after popping one of these meaty gems in your mouth. The tender creamy consistency is out of this world, and The Gantry have done it one better giving it a lightly crispy coating on the outside. Accompanying this were some woody mushrooms that gave it a lovely earthiness and some grape to balance with sweetness.


hen – corn – ash – yolk 24

Definitely not your average chicken dish, the surprise definitely being the eye catching plating. I did not expect something like this.


Each aspect of the dish was delicious from the succulent pieces of chicken crowned with a crispy shard of skin, to the rich and moreish yolk sitting in a bed of ash.


beef – parsley root – black barley – leaves 38

What an outstanding dish. The meat melted in the mouth with a perfect fat ratio leaving it succulent and juicy. The black barley was interesting, bringing a pleasant chew to the dish and adding some textural contrast.


duck – mulberry – eggplant – amaranth 42

If you’ve read this blog you know I have an unnatural obsession with duck. It just speaks to me on levels some people just cant understand. So it was without question that I ordered this, and let me tell you, I have ZERO regrets. The duck cut like butter and was rich and meaty with a crispy skin.


‘strawberries’ 18

Chefs signature dish. Simply beautiful in presentation and taste, the intense strawberry flavour, all in different unique textures, sent my palate on a wild ride. The sorbet in particular was the perfect refresher on a hot summers day.


duck egg  – raisin  – granola  – malt 18

Like a rum and raisin only ten time better, the duck egg custard was so rich and creamy I literally scraped the plate clean. Well timed for the holiday season, this was almost reminiscent of a Christmas pudding.

The Gantry has well establish it’s superb dining options and it seems that it’s only getting better and better. From expert hand crafted cocktails to the effortless craftsmanship of the restaurant dishes, The Gantry is the perfect place you indulge your inner foodie.

The Gantry Restaurant & Bar

11 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay, NSW 2000

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