Fogo Brazilian Churrasco, Central Park Chippendale

10 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

“Fogo”, meaning flame in Portuguese, sums up this Brazilian Churrasco perfectly. It’s on fire!!

Fogo Brazilian Churrasco is situated in The Dining District (Lower Ground) of Central Park, Fogo instantly captures your attention with is bright colours and entertaining attitude solidified by the saucy Brazilian music enticing you to dance your way inside.

08 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

The walls are plastered in bright coloured posters adding to the fun and exciting air of this establishment. Take some time between mouthfuls to give them a read, you may learn a thing or two.

09 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Situated right at the end of the restaurant is their bar, offering a wild selection of drinks from beers and wines to coffee and cocktails.

07 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Fogo’s mouthwatering meats are prepared and cooked in full view from their open kitchen, allowing the intoxicating aroma of sizzling meat tempt your taste buds. The slow grilling of their giant skewers allows for perfectly succulent meats every time.

06 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Brasilia Platter $24

A delicious selection of churrasco beef, chicken, lamb and beef chorizo served with bread, salad and thick cut Fogo fries. Not sure what to get, their Brasilia platter has an excellent selection of their finest meats freshly sliced off the skewer ensuring you get a bit of everything before you fill yourself up.

04 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

1/2 Chicken Diabo $15

This delicious spiced tender half chicken, served with salad and Fogo chunky fries, is charred and crisped to perfection, the succulent meat of this chicken works very well smeared in their harissa sauce adding a nice touch of heat.

05 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Pork Belly Camelo $17.50

A thick slab of pork belly slowly roasted, ensures the crackling gives that insatiable crunch we all love. The meat inside is so tender it melts in your mouth. A added bonus is a side of slaw and freshly toasted bread providing some freshness and balance.

02 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Prawn Salad $13

Looking for something different to charred meats? Fogo offer’s some refreshing salads including this divine dish. The prawns were cooked perfectly still allowing a nice bounce to the prawn. The avocado and lemon added a nice creaminess followed by a zesty kick of flavour.

03 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Samba Salmon $15.50

We decided to order a salmon wrap, what we didn’t expect was an open wrap with a very decent piece of grilled salmon resting on top. Diabo spiced, toasted tortilla, mixed leaves, lemon and “batatas fritas”. No complaints here! This dish was marvelous. The freshly grilled salmon was accompanied by a generous serving of rocket and a sprinkle of fried (chips) to give it that extra crunch.

01 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Chocolate Indulgence $6.50

You can’t miss this little dessert. Served in a largish shot glass, this rich chocolate sauce is mixed in with coffee and served with some decent chunks of caramelised pineapple sprinkled in sweet cinnamon sugar. TO DIE FOR!!!

11 Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Fogo is a place where you can enjoy for both lunch, dinner or even a light snack along with drinks. With great service, a buzzing atmosphere and very tasty food I will definitely be booking a return visit.

Fogo Brazilian Churrasco

Central Park
Ground Floor, 28 Broadway,
Chippendale, NSW

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Contributed by Will, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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