The perfect summer party with Riccadonna & Chef Massimo Mele’s Baked Figs wrapped in Pancetta


With the gloriously sun filled days of summer FAST approaching, the need for casual, light and refreshing meals is a must. Especially when you’re entertaining. So with the help of the lovely people from Riccadonna, we are happy to bring you some delicious ideas for perfect summer entertaining.

The most important thing is to have a good drop! So try some of the following varieties:

Riccadonna RUBY: A hypnotic and pleasant ruby colour with a unique perfume, containing strong rose, raspberry and strawberry notes.

Very good for:

  • a light aperitif at home with friends
  • with melon and cheese fresh spits
  • salami with dark bread
  • or veggie canapés.

Riccadonna MOSCATO ROSÉ: a light, aromatic and low alcoholic drink with a lovely flower and fruit bouquet. Served cool, it’s perfect for summertime and garden drinking.

Very good for:

  • fruit salad
  • light and fresh canapés
  • dry pastries, puddings, nuts
  • or panna cotta, pancakes and cookies.

Riccadonna Asti: perfect for desserts and as a general rule, the dessert shouldn’t be sweeter than the accompanying wine because the less sweet item will taste unpleasant and sour/bitter.

Very good for:

  • putting onto fresh fruits like strawberries, pears or peache
  • pairs well with almond cookies or biscotti
  • soft or semi soft cheese such as Brie
  • or classic cakes and apple pie.

Riccadonna Prosecco: a perfect entertaining drink as it is easily partnered with a variety of foods and an effortless accompaniment to festive events and parties.

Very good for:

  • heavier dishes, such as pastas with meat or cream sauces
  •  fresh seafood and shellfish
  • enjoy as an aperitif, with mild cheeses or light hors d’oevres
  • or during meals with lighter food such as poultry, fish and light pastas.


Baked Figs wrapped in Pancetta with candied walnuts, fresh pears and gorgonzola

(Fichi grigliata con pancetta e gorgonzola)

One recipe that we have absolutely fallen in love with is a creation by renowned chef Massimo Mele. This classic and seasonal Italian dish is full of flavour and a great party starter, matching perfectly with your choice of Riccadonna.


Ingredients For the Figs:

12 fresh figs (not too ripe)
100g gorgonzola dolce latte
12 thin slices pancetta
Balsamic vinegar

Ingredients For the Salad:

1 pear, cut into strips
60g walnuts, roasted and chopped
1/2 cup radicchio leaves, torn
1/2 cup endive leaves, torn
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp extra vigin olive oil
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper



To prepare the figs, cut a criss-cross in the centre from the top of the fig to the base, ensuring the fig remains in one piece.
Place about a teaspoon of Gorgonzola inside each open fig.
Once the figs have been filled, wrap a slice of pancetta around the fig and secure with a toothpick.
Heat the grill on the highest setting, then cook the figs until the top becomes crispy and the Gorgonzola has melted.
For the salad, combine all the ingredients, then divide onto six plates.
Place the figs on top, then drizzle with some balsamic vinegar and serve.

Serves 6. Enjoy!


The rich sweet flavour of the caramelised figs mixed with the sharpness of the creamy gorgonzola and smoky saltiness of the pancetta is seriously delicious. Match this with the accompanying salad of endive and radicchio for a lovely fresh contrast to the rich flavours of the figs.

A perfect balance for a perfect summers meal.

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