Din Tai Fung, Central Park


I don’t know about you, but when the craving for dumpling hits, I head straight to the closest Din Tai Fung knowing full well that I’m going to be well satisfied. The bustling Central Park restaurant was the closest this time and it certainly didn’t disappoint with it’s hip, modern and casual vibe.


Green Bean with Minced Pork

My all time favourite dish at any Din Tai Fung restaurant are these delicious green beans. Flash fried and smothered in spicy minced pork, the beans still have a lovely crunch to them contrasting the tender meat.


Shrimp and Pork Wonton with Tangy Sauce

A steaming bowl of pure flavour, the soft silky dumplings floated in a spicy sauce brimming with aromatics of soy chilli and lemongrass. The dumplings were filled with a delicious pork and prawn combo adding a lovely savoury flavour to an already flavoursome dish.


Shrimp Fried Rice

I seriously love just eating this stuff on it’s own. No need to keep it as an accompaniment to other dishes, this baby is a meal all on it’s own. Packed full of fried egg, shallots and big juicy prawns. This is a staple favourite of mine.


Fried Chicken Fillet

Hot, crispy, crunchy and succulent altogether, this Taiwanese specialty really hits home with it’s golden brown coating keeping the juicy chicken moist and succulent. Packed full of flavour with just a hint of spice this baby didn’t last long on the table.


Prawn and Mango Rolls

A very interesting dish and one I’m still deciding whether I liked or not. The mixture of savoury, creamy and sweet was altogether unique and something I hadn’t come across before.


Dumpling Gems

The famous dumpling ‘gems’ of Din Tai Fung have made quite a name for themselves with their delicious variety of flavours consisting of Green Vegetables,Yellow Corn, Sapphire Garlic Pork, Ruby Bolognese, Onyx BBQ Pork, Citrine Cheese, Pink Seafood. Each flavour was certainly unique and a little bit of fun for the table.


Xiao Long Bao – Pork Dumpling

Probably even more famous than the gems are the Xiao Long Bao. Biting into these soup filled dumplings without burning yourself is a skill we have successfully developed over the years of devouring them. The hot savoury soup is nothing compared to the juicy meaty centre of pork and chives that is simply mouth watering.


Cha Jiang Noodle with Minced Pork

Soft silky noodles are adorned by a spicy mix of pork and tofu chunks mixed with tomato, chilli and soy beans. Definitely a belly filler that you will want to keep all to yourself.


Sweep Lamb Buns

If Mary had a little lamb, I’ll bet she would trade it in for these adorable little things. As delicious as they are comical the sweet fluffy bodies hide a molten chocolate centre surrounding a soft and creamy taro chunk.


So cute you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.


Stuffing our faces at Din Tai Fung is always a great occasion. The food comes out fresh and fast and the staff are always attentive and accommodating. Check it out next time you’re around. You wont be disappointed.

Din Tai Fung

2nd Floor, Central Park,
28 Broadway,
Chippendale, NSW

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