Host your own BIG AUSSIE BARBIE and raise money for prostate cancer


Get involved and host your very own BIG AUSSIE BARBIE and raise money for prostate cancer research.

Each year, over 20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Australia, with 3,300 dying from the disease. It kills more men each year than breast cancer kills women, yet it has relatively low awareness and funding.

This is a SERIOUS issue affecting thousands of men every year, and to think 30 seconds of mild awkward discomfort is all that stands in the way of a long healthy life. Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is working hard to raise awareness of this disease; conducting research and providing information and support to men and their families affected by prostate cancer, BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP. By hosting your very own Big Aussie Barbie, you can help Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia raise over $1M to sustain ground-breaking research projects and support initiatives like its Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Program.

So what is Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is generally a slow growing disease that occurs when abnormal cells develop in the prostate. These abnormal cells can continue to multiply in an uncontrolled way and sometimes spread outside the prostate into nearby or distant parts of the body. The majority of men with low grade prostate cancer live for many years without symptoms and without it spreading and becoming life-threatening. However, high grade disease spreads quickly and can be lethal. Appropriate management is key.

How can I help?

You can host a sizzling Big Aussie Barbie.

  1. Choose your day to host a barbie. Activate your online supporter page through Everyday Hero –
  2. Invite your guests. You can do this through emails or social media. You can also include a link to your online supporter page so those who can’t attend can still make a donation.
  3. Have fun! You could make your barbie even more fun by holding games with an entry fee to raise more funds to make a difference to men, their partners and families affected by prostate cancer.
  4. Bank any offline donations. Any cash donations that you raise can still be banked through your online supporter page. Simply bank the funds you raise and make a donation for the same amount to your online page.

PCFA will be hosting a series of public Big Aussie Barbie events throughout September:

  • Queensland: King George Square Brisbane, Wednesday 2 September
  • Victoria: Treasury Gardens Melbourne, Thursday 3 September
  • Western Australia: Central Park Perth, Friday 4 September
  • New South Wales: Wynyard Park Sydney, Thursday 10 September

Also, there will be several “Biggest Ever Blokes Lunches” hosted in support of PCFA. More details here –

Australians are encouraged to sign up their “Big Aussie Barbies” at


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