Hayes St Wharf Bistro, Neutral Bay


Located on and walking distance from the water, is Hayes St Wharf Bistro, a small French restaurant almost reminiscent of it’s counterparts back in Paris. Upon entering you’ll be greeted by two lovely female waitresses, and depending on whether or not you hold a camera with you, they’ll even know where to sit you down for the best lighting! Aiming to be a favourite among the neighbourhood, this bistro is a casual dining experience at modest prices. I should also mention they have exquisite recommendations for the wine (Be sure to order the wine after you order the meals).


Twice baked, Gruyere cheese soufflé

Reminiscent of the cheesy goodness on top of a homemade lasagne, starting off your Saturday night with this entree dish is heavenly. Seeing the cheese ooze out after the first incision is something else to witness!


Scallop and crab boudin blanc, tomato crab bisque and black caviar

A soft crab and scallop boudin bathed in a tomato crab bisque and topped with Black caviar. Tastes as great as it sounds. You’re invited by the welcoming aroma of crab, then compelled to stay for the bisque. Caviar was a bonus!


Sticky wagyu beef brisket bourguignon, caramelised shallot and truffled mash

Probably the best dish of the night. The beef was falling from the fork due to its tenderness. Enough said. Oh did I mention that the mash potato was truffled?


Shiro Kin full blood wagyu skirt, glazed baby vegetables, truffle vinaigrette

If you’re into the full blood beef, look no further, this is right for you. With refreshing vegetables surrounding the plate, the interplay between savoury, sweet and sour is intriguing! An explosion of different tastes is made even more explosive when the vinaigrette is truffled!


Chocolate fondant, hazelnuts and raspberry sorbet

This picture speaks for itself. But if I must comment on it, this dessert was absolutely delicious. So glad that they didn’t use ice cream because that sorbet did an excellent job at wiping the palette clean after every spoon of mouth watering chocolate fondant. Hazelnuts were a nice touch as well to balance out the textures. Divine!


Although the journey in getting to the restaurant is quite herculean, especially if you’re walking form Milson’s point station, then Uber-ing back to it from Hayes, the food will definitely compensate. Truffles, caviar, wagyu beef, and silky smooth chocolate pudding with refreshing raspberry sorbet is all I remember. #FingersLicked

Hayes St Wharf Bistro

13 Hayes Street,
Neutral Bay, NSW 2089

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Contributed by David, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


  1. Indian guy that served us he was a very nice chap
    But he looked extremely scruffy for such a nice restaurant
    He got our order muddled up
    And we ended up walking out because it was so slow
    We were the only people in there at lunch time
    So sad such a beautiful restaurant with lovely food
    They should improve staff presentation and service


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