Harris Farm helps to reduce food waste and support Aussie Farmers

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Last year, Harris Farm Markets launched Imperfect Picks a campaign about food waste in the fruit and vegetable industry. This year, they are introducing Curious Cut’s, a delicious new range of secondary meat cuts unknown to most Aussie shoppers.

“We’re proud to introduce another food waste initiative because it’s time to start changing consumer perceptions of secondary meat cuts, which will ultimately benefit the planet, our Aussie farmers and is great for Aussie shoppers. It’s our responsibility as a food supplier to start this movement”, says Tristan Harris, co-CEO of Harris Farm Markets.

What for you may ask? With beef prices rising 30% in the last 6 months, it’s never been more important for consumers to start being a bit more adventurous with their cooking by trying uncommon cuts of meat. Harris Farm Markets meat buyer Antony Williams says; “Valuing secondary cuts is a no-brainer as they will save shoppers money and when cooked well, these meats are just as tasty as premium cuts. So there’s never been a better time to satisfy your curiosity and your tastebuds. It’s a win, win for everyone.”


There are three good reasons to add Curious Cuts to your shopping basket: 

  • They’re good for farmers: Encouraging local consumption of secondary cuts will ensure less of the animal is sold below production cost in export markets, economically benefiting Aussie farmers by increasing the value of the whole animal
  • They’re good for the planet: By advocating nose to tail eating, Harris Farm Markets aims to reduce the amount of meat turned into pet food and low value bi-products, ensuring valuable production resources won’t be wasted and increasing the environmental sustainability of the meat industry
  • They’re good for Aussie shoppers: The Curious Cuts meat range will be kind to shopper’s hip pockets as they are up to 30 per cent cheaper than premium cuts of meat and offer a deliciously interesting alternative to traditional cuts

The Curious Cuts range includes four Tasmanian grass-fed premium Cape Grim cuts; beef brisket, beef chuck ribs, beef bavette & beef tri tip plus a pork oyster shoulder.

“It’s essential we start driving Australian demand for cuts of meat that are not as popular as the traditional eye fillet or sirloin steak. The introduction of Curious Cuts will help strengthen the local meat industry by encouraging the consumption of the whole beast on-shore, increasing its value while reducing the amount of production resources wasted.” Doug Piper from Meat and Livestock Australia sees the introduction of Curious Cuts as an absolute necessity, encouraging major supermarkets to follow suit.


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