Lucio Pizzeria, Zetland

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Bringing the traditional taste of Naples to Zetland.

One of Sydney’s most iconic names in pizza, Lucio Pizzeria has opened its doors in Zetland’s new East Village complex, and the locals can’t get enough of it!


With two gorgeous pizza ovens and a large open kitchen, Lucio Pizzeria Zetland adds a mouth watering Mozzarella Bar, homemade fresh pasta dishes and a beautiful Aperitivo cocktail bar to it’s already legendary Pizza menu.


Negroni Sbagliato $18

Starting with a truly Italian Aperitivo, we both went for a lighter spin on a classic negroni. Containing both vermouth and Campari, the Sbagliato has prosecco instead of gin giving it a sparkling and refreshing touch.


Mini Tasting of Mozzarella $28

New to Zetland, the mozzarella bar provides a selection of uniquely Italian cheese plates complete with ‘tagliere’ di salumi. This taster plate was the best choice, allowing us to sample a little bit of everything. My personal favourite was the Burrata, a fresh, plump ball of cheese that’s gorgeously soft and gooey on the inside and is phenomenal on a crusty piece of bread. We also added the Prosciutto Crudo di Parma ($12.5) and the N’duja Calabrese ($9.5) to the platter, just to mix it up.


Polipetti Affogati  $19.5

An excellent little dish of slow cooked baby octopus with tomato sugo,black olives and capers. The octopus meat was seriously tender, absorbing the rich flavours from the tomato sauce. In true Italian style, a few generous hunks of bread was included to scoop up every last bit.


Paccheri alla Siciliana $23.5

These large pasta tubes with provola, eggplant and ricotta, reminded me of home cooked meals at my dear old Sicilian Nonna’s house. The hearty and comforting flavours make this dish such a pleasant experience.


Rustica $19

We ended the meal with a much anticipated pizza. Adorned with creamy mozzarella, sausages, potatoes and rosemary, this was easily my favourite part of the meal. The warm fluffy crust was super soft and had a lovely smokey char to it.


Continuing his food philosophy throughout both Darlinghurst and Zetland, Lucio recognizes the importance of working with and sourcing the freshest, local produce from around Australia. “I only like to use fresh, simple ingredients. It is important not to overcomplicate things in the kitchen, especially when working with authentic recipes” Lucio De Falco.

We’ll be back Lucio, we’ll be back.

Lucio Pizzeria

2-4 Defries Avenue,
Zetland, Sydney

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