Sydney Cat Cafe – Kitten POP UP

“Help create the purrfect place to sip a coffee and play with adorable rescue cats!”

Sydney Cat Café is an initiative of some (proudly) crazy-cat-people, working hard to bring you a purrfect, home-grown cat café in the inner city suburbs this September!

What is a cat café you may ask? Simple, it’s just like a normal café, with one adorable, furry difference – cats live at the café! Guests can come to the café to relax, hang out with friends or study in the company of the café’s resident cats.

In celebration of this and to build awareness, The Sydney Cat Cafe in conjunction with Maggie’s Rescue held a kitten pop-up cafe. We were lucky enough to attend a session and let me tell you, once you get to hold one of those itty bitty kitties in your hand, all your worries and stresses seem to melt away in a flurry of little paw’s and meows. After our session it was clear to us that this Cat Cafe definitely needs to happen!

To make this dream a reality, check out the Sydney Cat Cafe’s Kickstarter page here and donate a little to help create Sydney Cat Café.

Some of the reasons to donate include:

• Sydney loves coffee: a gorgeously smooth blend of coffee will be available that’s sourced locally and made fresh.

• The cat-loving community has spoken: the Cat Café has listened to everyone’s feedback in order to create an amazing environment for cats as well as a place that makes Sydneysiders feel truly at home.

• Rescue cats need love: They are partnering with Sydney-based animal shelters to foster adorable rescue kitties in the hope to find them homes.

“A purrfect way to spend the day…”


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