Grumpy Barista, Petersham


Grumpy Barista is a quaint cafe located a convenient 2 minute walk from Petersham Station (cause you know, I’m lazy).

DSC_0299Raspberry and White Chocolate Cronut ($7)

Cronuts – the raging controversial hybrid of a croissant and a donut. I still love ‘em. I was pleasantly surprised with a creamy custard filling, balancing well with the sour berries and sweet white chocolate. I must admit though, the cronut is a bit steep for $7, but the novelty is there.

DSC_0301Grumpy Burger ($12)

Oh boy – I don’t know if it was the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day and it was already 2pm, but this burger was amazing. I’m actually quite a picky eater… don’t mind me casually picking out pieces of celery (ew) out of my salad. There was nothing I disliked about this burger though. Think grilled chicken, spicy mayo, avocado, melted scarmoza cheese and rocket on a rustic brown bun dusted with Parmesan. Are you drooling yet? The chicken was moist, avocado was creamy, scarmoza was cheesy (duh) and the rocket brought such a great nutty flavour to the mixture. I could say that this was one of my favourite chicken burgers to date.

My visit at Grumpy Barista was short and sweet with a tempting array of pastries and sweets. I would definitely recommend it for a casual brunch date.

Grumpy Barista

110 Audley Street,
Petersham 2049

Contributed by Katrina



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