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There’s something quite magical about watching freshly made gelato being churned out in all its creamy gloriousness. The thick waves folding to and fro giving off the mouth watering aromas of their ingredients. We had the pleasure to experience this at RivaReno Gelato in Darlinghurst. A small gelateria with some really big flavours.


There’s no skimping on quality here, as owner Kieran takes us through a worldly journey of the finest and top quality ingredients he uses in his gelato. Candied chestnuts from France, Lemons from Calabria, Alphonso Mangoes from India, and Marsala from (you guessed it) Marsala, are just a slice of the produce used to create this chilly indulgence.


You wont find any display cases in this joint. Set up in the traditional Italian way, the ice cream is covered in their own little refrigerated pozzetti tubs to maintain optimal gelato temperature. The temperature is important as it keeps the gelato in a state where your taste buds get full range of the flavours. Too warm it’s mush, too cold it looses its flavour properties.


Luckily there’s a giant menu to choose from with a multitude of ridiculously good options. Two things you might notice are that the gelato melts a little quicker than usual. That’s because its not full of gross hydrogenated fats. This gelato is all natural, sticking to the way they do it in Italy. The second thing you’ll notice is how dense it is. This is due to the fact that they dont pump air into it to make it artificially ‘light and fluffy’, meaning you don’t have to buy a bucket of it just to feel satisfied. This stuff is rich, like lavishly rich, so a small scoop goes a very long way.


Cremino Rivareno

Being the little piggies that we are we opted to try pretty much every flavour, because hey, why not? This little beauty was the star of the show, made with a mind boggling mix of white chocolate ganache with layers of gianduia, a rich choc-hazelnut sauce, throughout.


Mango Heera & Yoghurt

A tasty yoghurt based combo, with the clean flavour making an excellent platform for the intense and fresh flavour of the mango. The plain yoghurt added extra creaminess and while it may seem like a boring choice was actually a really delicious flavour.


Pistacchio Bronte & Riccota e Fichi

These were my two favourites from the tasting so I had to get the full experience. You might remember the pistachio from the start of this post, having just freshly been made, I simply couldn’t resist it’s intense flavour and creamy charm. As soon as I saw a ricotta gelato, I have to admit my interest was sparked. One spoonful and I was hooked. The ricotta actually lightened the mix. accentuating the sweet caramelised fig throughout.

DSC09801 DSC09802DSC09806


After all that I know what you’re thinking. More? Hell yes more! Ladies and gentlemen I would like you to meet the lovely Alice, a beautiful dame made with mascarpone and premium marsala, then cheekily adorned with lashings of rich chocolaty gianduia. I think I’m in love!


Apart from their heavenly scoops of gelato, RivaReno also make a range of funky and damn right delicious icy treats like these gelato bars.



And if you’re in the celebratory mood why not check out their range of outstanding gelato cakes just waiting to be cut into and devoured by hungry party guests.


Pistacchio and Dark Chocolate


Caramello Saloto, Bacio and Pistacchio


Bacio & New York New York


Dark Chocolate Ganache & Contessa


Cremino Rivareno & Nocciola


RivaReno is a gem in the Sydney gelato scene, using premium ingredients to produce traditional quality gelato, and while they may not be as big or fancy or gimmicky as some of the bigger chains I urge you to pop by and taste the difference.

RivaReno Gelato

280 Crown Street
Darlighurst, NSW 2010

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