THE PIZZA BOX opens at Salt Meats Cheese

whatsFrom April 1st, Salt Meats Cheese will shape the way you think about pizza. Introducing – The Pizza Box.

On a recent visit to Italy, Salt Meats Cheese co-director Stefano Di Blasi found many modern Italian pizzerias are now applying a more contemporary take on toppings. “Our customers will still be able to get at traditional margherita but we are also very excited to start experimenting with layering pizza and focaccia with top-quality ingredients and innovative pairings,” says Di Blasi.

“I found a lot has changed in the eight years since I moved to Australia from Italy. I went to a place in Milan called Princi. It’s a beautiful, contemporary bakery that makes the most amazing focaccia and calzones. There is another place called PizzAltero in Bologna and what they are doing is incredible. I had a square of pizza with white peaches and aged prosciutto and it was tutto pazzo [totally crazy],” he says.

ssThe Pizza Box menu also includes: fennel salami (caramelized fennel, tomato, Spanish onion and buffalo mozzarella), Salmon focaccia (focaccia, spreadable gorgonzola, walnut, rocket, capers and hand-cured smoked salmon) and Wagyu bresaola (shaved reggiano, wild rocket on white pizza topped with balsamic reduction onions). Di Blasi says the lobster-tail pizza with fontina, mozzarella, garlic oil and fresh thyme is his personal favourite.

The Pizza Box operates between 4pm till 9.30pm and those that shop between the extended trading hours will be offered a 20 per cent discount on grocery items.

Images supplied by Salt Meats Cheese


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