The Nosh Pitt at The Spectrum Now Festival, The Domain

DSC09583Spectrum Now by The Sydney Morning Herald and ANZ held more than 200 events across Sydney and naturally, we covered their Nosh Pitt. A selection of Sydney’s finest food offerings.


First up, Daniel San. An authentic Japanese street food menu by Executive Chef, Benjamin Orpwood, formerly of Toko.


Enjoy some tasty skewers courtesy of their Robata Grill. Right off the hot coals and into our bellies. One juicy chicken skewer and the other delicious pork both tender and smothered in a rich sweet soy marinade


What makes Luke Powell’s meats so tasty? His secret, Australia’s only Southern Pride Smoker, direct from Tennessee. Combine this machine with Luke Powell’s expertise, and you have quality smoked and cured meats.


LP Quality Meat Smoked Sausage Roll

A big ol’roll with a big ol’ sausage. The smoke meat was packed full of flavour and burst at the bite. Lathered in a fragrant capsicum sauce and sweet onions, this is no ordinary fair fare.

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DSC09588The Marys Burger


The bun was brioche bread, super soft. Reminiscent of a the old school burgers you use to get, but oh so much better. The meat literally meats in your mouth and the sauce fantastically complements it. So simple because that’s all it needs. No bullshit. Just bread, meat tomato lettuce and cheese.

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Black Star Pastry and N2 Extreme Gelato have combined forces to bring you the ultimate sweet tooth selection. Bringing together BlackStar’s famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake, N2’s signature ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and a combined special by the two called the ‘Plum Slinger’.

DSC09593Combo $25

Plum Slinger –  An interesting little creation of a sandalwood pastry cup with lychee and ginger sorbet, freeze dried plums, frankincense sugar, pop rocks and a shot of mint gel. I always thought of sandelwood as something only hippies like to burn but it turns out its quite tasty.


Brokeback Moment – Salted Caramel Syringe, Vanilla Gelato with Chunks of Honeycomb – a threesome of decadent flavour and texture with a simple yet rich vanilla gelato encased in a chocolate crown and injected with a sinful salted caramel sauce.

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DSC09598Messina Milk Bar, selling a selection of old school inspired treats.

DSC09602Curdish Delight

Salted caramel gelato, orange curd, buttery biscuit crumbs, enrobed in milk chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of citrus rind. Like a Jaffa re-imagined in icecream form this delightful bar reminded me why im such a sucker for anything with a choc-orange combo.

DSC09604Oh hi!

DSC09603Drink ME – Banana Split Thick Shake

Intense in banana flavour the shake had a crunch surprise with tiny peanut clusters in every sip.

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If you missed out this year, Spectrum Now is set to return March 2016.


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