Wanderlust in the WINTERGARDEN, Sydney CBD

DSC_1141The Wintergarden located at 1 O’Connell Street is open now! And to celebrate, we got invited to a feast! Just look at this spread!

DSC_1150The Wintergarden houses nine food tenants and other residents including a dry cleaner, shoe repairer, newsagent and barber.

DSC_1201To say that “WinterGarden is a food court in the CBD’ would be an understatement. The lavish spread of eateries is nothing less than grand. WinterGarden is home to an extensive number of popular restaurants, ranging from Bowery Lane to good old Sushi Hub.


Mini Charlie Chaplin Cocktail – Bowery Lane

I usually wince a bit inside when I’m offered alcohol at restaurants because most of the time, it’s some fancy schmancy stuff that doesn’t really sit well on my tastebuds. Luckily for me, Charlie Chaplin was a great balance between sweet and the subtle alcoholic taste.

DSC_1156Pumpkin and Feta Frittata with kale and quinoa salad + Nutella Frappe – Wintergarden Deli

I’m personally not a fan of frittata in general but the frittata was hearty with it’s pumpkin and feta elements. The kale and quinoa salad is well, kale and quinoa, nothing too exciting there. Although, the Nutella Frappe was definitely something special. The oh-so creamy chocolately hazelnut spread as a drink form is an ingenious idea.

Wintergarden Deli on Urbanspoon


 Salmon Sashimi, Chicken and Avocado roll, spicy tuna brown rice roll, seaweed and jelly fish salad – Sushi Hub

Sushi Hub and I are no strangers. There are countless times when I’ve been caught in the CBD doing errands and craving for a bite on the go. That’s when Sushi Hub comes in, with delicious sushi at affordable prices! Everything here was fresh, vibrant and tasty, no faults from me!

Sushi Hub on Urbanspoon


Mixed Board of baguettes, salads and panini – Soul Origin

I was super excited to see that Soul Origin has a home in the Wintergarden because Soul Origin is another favourite of mine for quick lunch in the CBD. They have a range of delicious, healthy baguettes, salads and panini that are fresh! Overall, a really great option for quickly grabbing lunch and bringing it back to the office or eat in!

Soul Origin @ Wintergarden on Urbanspoon DSC_1204

Feel Good Juice + Havana Smoothie – Top Juice

WinterGarden has definitely done a great job in selecting a diverse range of eateries. Top Juice is always a great option for those days when I’m drowning in the 3pm crash and in need of a healthy sugar hit! Feel Good Juice features watermelon, strawberry, mango and passionfruit creating a lovely fruity refreshing blend.


Havana Smoothie features passionfruit, mango, banana, honey, yoghurt and milk, definitely a delicious smoothie classic.

Top Juice on Urbanspoon


Fish Taco, Quesadilla, Chilaquiles – Los Vida

The fish taco was absolutely delectable. I’m a bit fan of spice and jalapeños so I was pretty happy to see how much spice was packed into the fish taco. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.

DSC_1236The quesadilla was extremely hearty with a spicy shredded beef, giving great texture and flavour. It was my first time trying chilaquiles and it was very reminiscent of nachos, perhaps with less tortilla chips and more hearty filling. Overall, Los Vida definitely checks all the boxes for late night Mexican cravings.

Los Vida on Urbanspoon


Combination Wonton Soup – CBD Noodles

I rarely order these types of noodles simply for the fact that I usually eat them at home. Although, that doesn’t deny the fact that it was still tempting.

DSC_1253The combination Wonton soup featured Chinese BBQ pork, wontons, chicken and prawns on a bed of egg noodles. This would definitely be great for a colder day.

CBD Noodle on Urbanspoon


Cooked Lamb Shoulder + Whole Roasted Local Snapper – Bowery Lane

Bowery Lane has been talk of the town for a while now and I’m so glad I finally got to try it.

DSC_1268First up, the whole roasted local snapper was fragrant and vibrant at the very least. Upon first bite, I immediately succumbed to the dish.

DSC_1273The flesh was soft and moist, boosting a beautiful aromatic scent. I almost feel like I’m writing a love letter to a fish. It really was that great.

DSC_1290The lamb shoulder did not fall any short, offering another great aromatic scent with the fatty creamy flesh. All in all, Bowery Lane is definitely worth the hype.

Bowery Lane on Urbanspoon

DSC_1145Let your wanderlust take control.

The Wintergarden

1 O’Connell Street,
Sydney NSW 2000


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