Kin by Us, Macquarie Park


Known as the “newlyweds” on last seasons My Kitchen Rules, Uel and Shannelle Lim are taking their passion for food from reality TV to reality. Recently launching their new cafe, Kin by Us in Macquarie Park.

With Chinese and Korean influences on the menu and adding a spin on well know favourites, it was really exciting to try out such innovative brunch dishes.


Crimson Berries Ice Tea ($6)

Cool down with this berry punch. A really great option for a hot summer’s day.


Congee ($17)

I have mixed memories of congee. It’s either a “mum, i’m sick, feed me” meal or a “it’s 11pm and we’re in chinatown, what should we eat” kinda meal. Thus, I rarely order congee going out, especially for brunch but it was recommended by the lovely Shanelle so I couldn’t say no.


Presented on the board was chicken rice porridge, onsen egg, pork floss and Chinese doughnut. The first thing that left my mouth after having a spoonful of this hearty congee was “mhhhmm.”. A great recommendation indeed. I felt like I was goldilocks and had found the perfect congee. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. The pork floss added a great salty flavour and crumbly texture to the smooth congee. Also, for the love of god, if you haven’t tried chinese doughnut (youtiao), I seriously urge you to visit your closest asian grocery and stock up on that glorious fluffy fried bread.

DSC_0914Waffle Belly ($17) – Caramel Soy Pork Belly, potato waffle, onsen egg, shrooms and cabbage.

The pork belly definitely had it’s sweet elements, keeping its promise to the caramel being nice and sticky. The shrooms where really great, a nice savoury and buttery compliment to the waffles.  




Snap Crackle Plop ($10)  – Chicken Rice, onsen egg and crackle

This dish was such a great surprise. I’m not usually a fan of ginger but the aromatic ginger seeping through the rice was subtle and great as a flavour component. Oh, and the crackle was actually a-mazing. Every crunch was oozing with a smokey pork flavour.


Coconut Cold Brew ($7)

An interesting concoction of coconut water and coffee. It was really captivating how creamy the coffee tasted due to the addition of the coconut but still maintained the strong familiar taste of caffeine.



2 Saunders Close,
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

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Contributed by Katrina, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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