Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Balmain


It always amazes me how good the revamped pubs look these days. It’s possibly just the American crime fiction getting to me but I’ve always imagined pubs as dingy so I’ve never really had an interest in them.

Luckily, Cat and Fiddle changed everything. A spacious dining area with a garden room theme and a gorgeous skylight letting in all the natural light (duh!).

I was thoroughly impressed with the menu with a great balance between the classics and specialities to keep you coming back.

DSC_0633 DSC_0653

(First two mini dishes were surprised from the chef)


Picked Eggs ($14)

I love eggs. I know, I say I love a lot of things but I really do love eggs. Once, it got to the point that my brother once put an “egg quota” on me. Yes, that’s really a thing. Moving on… I also like pickles… so I couldn’t really turn down Pickled Egg now can I?


Presented on a board with black pudding, soda bread, fig, whiskey and pear. Loaded with so many different elements, it was really fun to eat. The pickled eggs definitely had the sour punch and worked well with the dense soda bread.


Confit Pork Belly ($28)


Crispy pig trotter, blood pudding, carrot, black apple and jelly. Once again, another interesting fusion, combining pork belly with black apple and jelly. The pork belly was soft and well… fatty with a great crunch from the crackle.


Red Soil Spud Nachos ($22)

These were nac’ho average nachos, swapping out ordinary chips for thin crispy potato wedges.


These were great for scooping up the hearty fillings of spiced beef, beans, house chilli, sour cream and cheddar.


2012 Alaska Moscato d’asti Piedmont from Italy

Let’s all be honest here, most of my experiences with alcohol ranges from vodka to vodka. I occasionally drank white wine with my parents growing up but that was it, I never really fancied wine. These glasses changed everything. My eyes widened with pleasure of how sweet and enjoyable this was. A great bubbly with light floral and fruity hints. I wouldn’t mind a whole bottle of this in a cold bucket on my desk during exam periods.


Guinness Chocolate Cheese Cake

Guinness Chocolate cheesecake with Irish toffee, oat crunch, cocoa sore and raspberry. This dish was definitely an eye pleaser and not for the faint hearted! Airy rich chocolate similar texture to a dense mousse with sour raspberry to cut through it all.

Cat & Fiddle Hotel

456 Darling St
Balmain, NSW 2041

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Katrina dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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