Sushi Hotaru The Galleries, Sydney CBD


Sushi Hotaru is a authentic and fresh sushi train located in the ever bustling Galleries Shopping Centre. A popular eating destination due to their $3 dishes, Sushi Hotaru is a popular destination for weekday lunches.


The game is pretty simple. Take a seat and either pick your sushi off the train or select your dishes from a little screen at your table.

IMG_5279Miso Soup

To start. Warm and brimming with that much loved umami taste. A sushi meal is never complete without a steaming bowl of miso soup.

image5Rainbow Roll

Vibrant and beautiful in both looks and flavour. The rainbow roll is perfect for those who like a bit of variety all in one roll.

image2Tuna Nigiri

A classic with simple flavour. The tuna is lovely and fresh.

IMG_5281Seared Salmon

While I usually prefer fresh salmon, I occasionally like to dabble in the seared stuff. Searing really changes the flavour of the salmon, giving it a more concentrated fishiness that’s really enjoyable.

image4Salmon and Avocado

An old favourite. The creaminess of both the raw salmon and avocado mix so well together. I also like the light scattering of the fish roe, giving a bursting bite of saltiness to the sushi.

image6Chicken Katsu

Crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The chicken katsu is a great hot dish to munch on, especially when smothered in the creamy mayo.


If your looking for something hot, these crispy fried parcels of delicious pork will do the trick.

Sushi Hotaru

The Galeries
500 George St
Sydney, NSW 2000

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