The Brewery Yard Markets, Central Park Chippendale

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The Brewery Yard Markets

Seriously Decent.

Sundays are always ‘fundays’ for us. Whether we are brunching, munching, walking or forking, we always make sure we’ve got something enjoyable on to ring in the new week, the new week (of work…urgh). Always keen to visit good markets, we made our way to the new Central Park complex. You know that building, the one declared Best Tall Building in the World, that have plants growing on the side of it and multi coloured lighting at night (peeeerrrttty). Well its located at 28 Broadway, Chippendale (opposite UTS) and outdoors on their grass area every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month is their Brewery Yard Markets. These are run by two awesome guys, Rupert and Jacob, who aim to create a premium market destination that’s relaxed and full of good vibes (and really good food amongst other things). They personally hand pick their stallholders, only selecting 10% of applicants they receive who sell a variety of unique goods, fashion, flora and of course tasty eats (why else would we be here!).


The Smoothie Co.

“Taste. Raw. Love.”

We started the day with a fresh, delicious and nutritious smoothie form The Smoothie Co, a pop-up smoothie bar. Blending everywhere from festivals to private events, their vision is fuelled by a passion to create fresh, delicious and nutritious smoothies for customers in need of a drink thats both tastes amazing and is super nutritional.


Skilled blendologists are trained to perfect the balance of flavours and texture in every single cup. If they don’t, it doesn’t get served – simple.


We taste tested their Clean Green $9 – Kale, avocado, green super foods powder, banana, coconut water and raw honey and their Mad Mango $8.50 – Mango, banana, coconut water, organic flaxseed oil, ice. Both were uber refreshing with the Clean Green having a faint macha taste that was made smooth and creamy by the avocado, while the Mad Mango was tropical in a (biodegradable) cup.


Brooklyn Boy Bagels

“Real-deal artisan NYC bagels come to Sydney”.


Launched by Brooklyn born food journalist Michael Shafran, Brooklyn Boy Bagels prides itself on producing bagels using the same traditional methods that have made NYC the bagel capital of the world. They don’t cut corners and create bagels how they are supposed to be: chewy, malty, flavoursome. Some of their bagels on offer include plain, blueberry, sesame, poppy, cinnamon raisin, onion and garlic. We tried a poppy and sesame bagel with a garlic, chive and spring onion cream cheese that was out of this world. Creamy with a big punch of flavour, perfect of that warm chewy dough.

DSC08636La Mamma del Gelato Anita

Bringing the authentic artisan gelato experience to the Brewery Yard Markets while also having a permanent store set up in Central Park.

DSC08654They use carefully selected raw ingredients and a perfected base. We’ve been told they churn over 250 litres of gelato & yoghurt daily onsite and the following Mamma Anita’s secret preparation methods.

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Eatabella, by Isabella started at the Glebe Markets in September 2014 and brings the Vietnamese backyard barbeque experience to the markets.


Bún Thịt Nướng $12

Vermicelli salad consisting of hot smoky charcoal grilled meats, fresh greens and herbs, pickled carrots and daikon, topped with Nước mắm (vietnamese sauce). Really delicious and full of fresh crunch and flavour.


Bánh mì $10

These Vietnamese baguettes are crispy and made fresh with a choice of hot smoky charcoal grilled meats, salad and herbs covered with aioli sauce.


The lovely Manar holding her Sundweesh baby!


This Asian inspired bite was full of crunchy slaw and tender chicken, then generously drizzled in hoisin sauce and kewpie mayo. Ridiculously good!

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“We are juice – cold pressed.”

Starting on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2013, Prodjuice are all about quality, health and being environment friendly. Their juice is created in small batches and taste tested to ensure the upmost quality and filled into glass bottles, promoting reusability.


Mango Passionfruit Orange

If you haven’t heard of cold press before, its a simple and straight forward process. Essentially, the ingredients of fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds are slowly pressed together between two stainless steel plates.


Watermelon Raspberry Lime

The benefits of cold pressing, as opposed to other conventional methods of making juice is that due to its slow pressing and low temperature, fruit and vegetables are keep “alive’ to naturally release all the goodness locked within them and after one sip you can really see the difference.


The Brewery Yard Markets currently they have around 30 stalls with plans for 50 by mid-2015. Open 10am til’ 4pm on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of every month! On top of the hand selected stalls you’ll find live entertainment and live art demonstrations. Check them out. You wont be disappointed!

Brewery Yard Markets

Central Park Sydney
28 Broadway,
Chippendale NSW 2008

Check operating times here:


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