Grandmas, Rosebery

Recently opening their third location, the Grandmas restaurants have brought their brilliant home style cooking to the suburb of Rosebery with this small casual eatery.


Nothing better than starting the day with a hot cup of coffee


Wood Fired Eggplant Shakshuka $15.50

My favourite breaky of all time. The shakshuka is served with labane’ cheese and a freshly baked house made bread. Firstly I like to split the bread pocket in half, then fill it with the hot eggy goodness. Absolutely amazing.

DSC08245 Grandmas also makes these with Beef Bolognese, Spinach, Beef and Spicy fillings. All unspeakably delicious (Believe me I’ve tried them all).


Unique Ricotta Pancakes $10.50

Served with yoghurt, strawberries, peaches and drizzled with honey blossom sauce with a touch of nuts and seeds. These fluffy pancakes were the perfect breakfast sweet. I loved the scattering of the honey toasted nuts and seed which provided a much appreciated crunch.


Owner Jude Cohen

DSC08249 Apart from the menu items, Grandmas also make an amazing array of biscuits, cookies, icecreams, and frozen meals all from scratch in their kitchens.


  On top of that they also supply olive oils, grown on the olive groves at their Canberra location.

DSC08255 DSC08257

With great food and excellent service check out Grandmas at Rosebery for a chilled and laid back breakfast or lunch.

Grandmas at Rosebery

19 Rosebery Avenue
Rosebery, NSW 2018

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