Ribs and Burgers, Bondi Beach


Ribs from left to right: Pork Baby Back ($30) Beef Ribs ($29) Lamb Ribs ($27)

Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not exactly a culinary master. For a bit of background knowledge; I tried to microwave a whole egg when I was 8, safe to say, mum wasn’t too pleased with the results. In year 8 food tech, I was oh-so-sure that my frittata was cooked and ready to flip, when the electric stove wasn’t even on and then proceeded to stir fry it. I can safely confirm that I’m much better at eating than cooking.

But when the opportunity to attend a cooking master class at Ribs and Burgers run by head chef Gareth, I thought “Why the hell not?!”


The ribs are slow cooked for 8 hours in their own juices to enhance their natural flavours. I was lucky enough to see the ribs sizzle on the grill to sticky caramelization.


The team at R&B’s do not take any short cuts (haha, geddit?) and go that extra mile meticulously removing silver skin on ribs to ensure only the best texture. A delicious smokey basting generously coated the pork baby ribs.

The meat itself was soft and succulent. The beef ribs were much more meatier than the pork baby ribs given the size of the bone and well charred to caramelization. The sticky basting was finger-licking good. The lamb ribs didn’t fall short either with their naturally decadent taste.




 Watch that baby sizzle!


On top of ribs we were also shown how to cook the perfect burger.


Original Burger ($11)

Two lightly sesame seed toasted buns encasing a beef mince patty, grilled, basted with iceberg lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, dill pickles, BBQ sauce and a pink secret sauce (cue suspenseful music).


Gorgeously pink inside, I loved the simple and classic flavours of this perfect burger



ThickShakes (Vanilla Malt + Milo)


Chips ($4 small, $6 large)

I for one can’t have a burger without a side of chips and these ones were fantastic. Crispy, crunchy and every other synonym for “crispy” describe these chips. Perfect when accompanied with BBQ sauce and their secret pink sauce.


Old School Cheese ($11.50)

I couldn’t say no to pickles, American cheese and mustard so an old school cheeseburger was on its way. The patty was juicy as expected and worked so well with the tangy pickles and mustard.


I had a fantastic time at Ribs and Burgers, and I’m happy to say I actually learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend this place for a good casual feed with friends or family.

Ribs and Burgers Bondi

61-70 Hall St
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Contributed by Katrina who attended as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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