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Pinpointing that exact moment when you can say you’re in love is hard to find. For me it was when I was about 4. As a curious child, I was always going through the drawers and searching the pantry. One day on a quest to make as much mess as possible (sorry mum), I stumbled across a shiny aluminium foil bar wrapped in bright purple paper. Naturally, this shiny object grabbed my attention. Excitedly my chubby little hards ripped off the foil, revealing a strange looking brown bar. After a tentative whiff I did the only thing I could think of at the time. I put it in my mouth. Words can not describe the feelings of joy and elation at the delicious discovery I had made. Questions came flooding to my brain. What was it? Where did it come from? Where do I get more? A confusing time for me no doubt. However there was no confusion in how I felt. This is what they call “Love”.  I had found it and I was never letting it go. And this my dear readers is the day I found the love of my life, a love that has lasted through the ages (well 25 years to be exact): Chocolate.

With this in mind you can imagine our excitement to be invited for a taste test of The Choc Pot’s fantastic menu, particularly their newest ‘Desert of the Month’


Nestled in the busy heart of Burwood, The Choc Pot brings a fun and playful twist to classic dessert favourites. Making all of their desserts from scratch and using only quality  ingredients, you can enjoy the best fresh, home-made and unique dessert experience possible.

DSC08115The Choc Pot $12

Starting off the delectables was The Choc Pot’s signature dessert… The Choc Pot. A sinfully delicious eruption of molten chocolate cascades from the centre of this baked perfection. So damn good they named the place after it!


Chocolate Milkshake

Nothing better to wash all that chocolate down than with… MORE CHOCOLATE!

DSC08119Red Velvet Waffle Cake Cone

Next up is the Dessert of the Month! Get in now to dig into this red velvet ice cream cake cone with moist red velvet cake and chocolate fudge sauce set in a crunchy waffle cone. All with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a dollop of pink cream cheese whipped cream and topped off with red velvet Tim Tam crumbs and drizzled fudge sauce. I was pretty blown away with this, especially how moist the house made red velvet cake was and the subtle creamy texture of the pink whip.

DSC08132Lord of the Crepes $13

One crepe to rule them all. Packed full of fresh strawberries, freshly whipped cream and house made nutty choc praline mixed with thin crispy wafer pieces. If that’s not enough the whole thing is topped with more juicy strawberries and drizzled with melted Belgian chocolate. Nom!

DSC08137Fondue for Two $25

This generously large pot of melted milk Belgian chocolate was then placed on our table.  Having to restrain myself from bathing in it, I looked down to see a veritable buffet of dippable goodies like fresh juicy strawberries, bananas, home made marshmallows and the Choc Pot’s cheeky choc fudge brownie awaiting for their own bath. Lucky bastards!

DSC08138Waffling Pillow Mallows $14

Home-made golden waffle topped with gooey home-made marshmallows and smothered with a good splodge of that rich Belgian chocolate. What I found really interesting was that my beautifully fluffy waffle was hand made, batter and all. A good change from the mass produced sugary stales I usually find on dessert menus.


Mango, Pineapple & Lychee Ice Smasher

After the choc-overload I was really glad for this light and refreshing Ice Smasher. One of 5 fresh and fruity flavours avaliable, this is a really excellent option to cut the richness of the chocolate.


On top of that The Choc Pot also has a range of their own blended teas, with suggestions on which ones go well with each of their deserts.

DSC08147Owner, Ash gave up studying medicine to pursue his culinary dreams. He makes fresh, home-made desserts in the cafe’s open plan kitchen using quality ingredients such as Callebaut chocolate, free-range eggs, unrefined caster sugar and jersey milk, to name a few. He makes everything fresh on site, from the soufflés and waffles to the marshmallows and honeycomb pieces. He’s also a top bloke who’s always smiling, and has the face of a man who’s clearly doing what he loves in life, and for what it’s worth, we think he’s doing a damn fine job of it.

The Choc Pot

7/1 Railway Parade
Burwood, NSW 2134

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