Vicinity Dining & Bar, Alexandria/Eveleigh

DSC07891Vicinity, opposite the Grounds of Alexandria offers diners both a sophisticated dining experience inside their restaurant or a more casual dining vibe when seated on their outdoor terrace.

DSC07865Relax at their bar, enjoy breakfast on weekends, have a more intimate dining session or share a meal at a group function. Whatever the occasion, Vicinity can accommodate.


English Garden $16

Perfect for a hot summer day. This tart and fruity cocktail was made with Bombay Sapphire, pressed apple juice, elderflower and lime juice all shaken and strained into a frosted martini glass.


DSC07869Shi-Shi Bamboo $16

Another great cocktail with Frangelico, mint, vanilla sugar and fresh lime topped with Prosseco. The prosecco provides an enjoyable fizz while the frangelico gives a sweet hazlenutty flavour that pairs excellently with the lime and mint.

DSC07872Spaghetti, Tuna, Garlic, Chili, White Wine, Poor Man’s Parmesan, Shaved Bottarga $21

To tell you the truth any menu item that says the word ‘bottarga’ is ordered before I even need to see what else in in the dish. So I was fairly excited when this beautiful mound of pasta arrived at my table. The strong iodine flavour of the bottarga permeated through the sauce making it a rich and moreish dish. The tuna chunks and capers were a welcome addition and the poor man’s parmesan (fried bread crumbs) added a satisfying crunch.

DSC07879Lamb Chops with potato puree, heirloom carrots $36

Get a load of those chops! As you can discern from the gorgeous pink colour these were super tender being cooked sous vide then slapped on the grill for a lovely caramelised crust. These were matched with heirloom carrots and a smooth creamy potato puree.

DSC07883Venison with water chestnuts, coffee jus, raspberry tapioca crisp $38

Venison is one of those meats that’s rare to find on a Sydney menu but so tasty due to its gamy gloriousness! This superb dish had the tender pieces matched with fresh raspberries, water chestnuts and potato puree. I was a little apprehensive about a coffee jus but it really did work well with the flavours and wasn’t overpowering in its ‘coffeeness’.

DSC07894Deconstructed Coconut Meringue $15

A very interesting dessert of coconut, lime curd, white chocolate meringue and oat brittle. Each ingredient having its own distinct flavour. While this wasn’t particularly my kind of dessert I could definitely respect its uniqueness.


Vicinity is a grand and stylish venue for any occasion whether it be a casual lunch, a night out or group function.

Vicinity Dining & Bar

90-96 Bourke Road
Alexandria, NSW 2015

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