Goros, Surry Hills


Born and raised in Japan, Goro was inspired by his favourite Golden Gai bar in Tokyo, to establish a true izakaya style dining in Sydney, and so he did.


Yoshinogawa ‘Gensen Karakuchi, Niigata Sake ($7 / 90ml)

“It tastes like good-tasting vodka… without the burn of a night’s worth of mistakes”

The sake was indeed light and went down very smoothly with light, citrus, crisp, dry notes.


Complimentary crab crackers, seaweed and wasabi peanuts

The crackers reminded me of my childhood munching on these before dinner (sorry mum). The seaweed was crispy and salty as expected. The wasabi flavour is as intense as your first attempt at attending the gym for your new years resolution, a solid effort before it starts to die down, but in this context, a good thing.


Buns of Steam – Chashu Pork ($6)

The grill marks on the chashu made me ever more excited to give this bun a bite! The dish lived up to it’s expectations with the pork still warm enough for the fat ribbons to melt in your mouth.


Buns of Steam – Soft Shell Crab ($6)

Soft shell crab is genius really, a crab with an edible shell (bless evolution). The combination of the crunchy exterior of the crab, soft bun and firm pickles was “Mmmmmmmm” worthy.


Fried “crab” sandwich, wakame, tobiko ($5)

I don’t know about you but the word “fried” gets me excited every time (#fatmess). The bun was fried to the point that it made a satisfying “crunch” in my mouth before you can engulf it’s creamy crab filling with salty popping roe.


Takoyaki ($12)

The takoyaki had a thicker and crisper skin than expected but maintained a rich smooth consistency of batter with octopus cuts.


Agedashi tofu, shoyu ($14)

Probably one of my favourite Japanese dishes, this one delivers silky cubes of tofu encased on a light fried batter in a bowl of shoyu. Perfection.


Kaarage Chicken, Wasabi Mayo ($15)

The KFC of Japan definitely delivers. The chicken was made to be fried and Goro’s did this justice. If only there was an opening for the Justice League. “Kaarage man!” “He’ll fry you to death”.


Volcano Hand Roll ($12 for two)

The fresh seaweed held together the spicy crab meat, cool cucumber, avocado and tibiko perfect to hold in your hand.


Pork ribs, chilli, mandarin ($15)

Look at that sticky sweet sauce lathered on the succulent ribs. A decent amount of meat attached to the bone. Best enjoyed with your hands!




Geisha Iced Tea Cocktail ($17 each)

The concoction of berry infused shochu, ginger liqueur, lychees, citrus and peach iced tea produced a sweet melody with barely any alcoholic taste.


Goro’s houses stool seats, booths and a courtyard as well as a private function room.


Overall, an extremely pleasant experience with friendly staff and fast service.  The food is perfect for a boozy catch up with mates that last well in to the night.


84-86 Mary Street
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Contributed by Katrina who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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