MUMU Grill, Crows Nest and MU2U Meat Box

With Australia Day looming it’s boozy head, its time to put away the Christmas decorations and start firing up the barbie! In my opinion nothing says Australia day more than a hunk of sizzling meat slowly crisping to a perfect medium rare on a hot grill. So when MUMU grill sent us one of their MU2U Meat Box’s to try out I couldn’t wait to get the fire started!

MUMU’s Meatbox has a selection of cooked, marinated and fresh meats for your home. Their products are sourced from sustainable grass fed farmers, which means they are super healthy and super tasty.

DSC07696First out of the box were these beautiful Scotch Fillets. Gorgeously marbled, the tiny veins of fat melt when cooked, giving the meat an absolutely rich and juicy flavour.


Often described as the beefiest tasting of all the cuts of steaks. These rib eye are great either grilled or fried. I popped these on a piping hot grill which gave the meat a delicious crust.


Lamb Roast was up next and seeing as I have no culinary skills other than flipping a steak, I handed it to the Commander in Chief of the kitchen… My mum.


After giving it a good rub with some sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, crushed garlic, oregano and fresh rosemary from the garden, the lamb was massaged with a good lug of olive oil and popped in the oven at 200ºC for about an hour and 15 min.


After its done, take it out to rest for about 15mins. The lamb was beautifully pink inside and still tender, with the seasoning penetrating throughout the meat giving it a sensational herby flavour.


Big wagyu sausages came next. Plumb and meaty, I couldn’t help putting these in a slice of white bread and drizzling a tonne of tomato sauce on them. Beat that Bunnings!

DSC07706These meat balls come pre-cooked in a rich and savoury tomato sauce. I suggest chucking them in a deep pan and adding some extra tomato puree. Perfect with a nice piece of crusty bread or even topped over some pasta.


The box also came with some Pork Ribs, however my hungry family devoured them before I could even get a whiff of them, so I did the only logical thing I could think of. I went to MUMU Grill and ate them there. Tender to the point of falling off the bone and smothered in a smokey sweet barbecue sauce, these ribs came with a creamy slaw and a side of chunky potato chips.


Naturally I had to get the Beef Ribs also, accompanied by the same slaw, these ribs were dressed in a fragrant pesto sauce on top of the already marinated beef.

MUMU Grills MU2U meat boxes are the perfect combination of quality and convenience. The beef is 100% grass-fed and all the other ingredients, which are either organic or sustainable. On top of that the boxes are delivered right to your door eliminating the hassle of having to go to the butcher for quality meats.

Think of MU2U Meat Boxs for your next barbie (I’ve got one ordered for Australia Day myself). Ranging between $60-130 for a box, all of the meat is cryo-vaced so it can be kept safely in the fridge for 3 weeks or frozen for 3 months.

Mumu Grill

76 Alexander Street
Crows Nest, NSW 2065


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