Alrose Garden, Strathfield

Faced with 30 degree weather, we made that smart decision to eat Korean BBQ at Alrose Garden for lunch. Unfortunately KBBQ was only available for dinner (#BOO), so instead, we opted for the spicy ddukbokki hotpot and Korean Fried Chicken with a side of black rice.

DSC_0313 (2)

Being a Korean restaurant we were supplied with banchan of kimchi (my favourite) and pickles.

DSC_0299 Ddukbokki Hotpot $20

Ddukbokki is a traditional Korean street food consisting of soft chewy rice cakes and fish cakes lathered with a thick chilli sauce. This hotpot had a generous amount of rice cake hidden below the ramen noodles just waiting to soak up that chilli.


Once put to flame the pot quickly started bubbling away, while we sat there salivating and watching the noodles and red chilli paste melt into the pot.


Nothing like a lunch of delicious hot liquid magma to cool off in those hotter summer months aye? The great part of this dish is that the chilli sauce isn’t unbearably hot, and rather than just adding heat to the dish, it’s also packed full of great savoury flavour that makes its way into all the other ingredients.


Korean Fried Chicken $14

We ordered the medium Fried Chicken with the special chilli sauce on the side. The chicken was golden and oh-so-cripsy. There’s really not much to say besides that this was damn good chicken and I would definitely come back for it.


There’s something about cooking your own food (and not having to wash the dishes after!) that makes a meal sooooo much better. Overall, even though the dishes were shared between three people, we were stuffed and tempted to call for backup halfway. As well, there were other varieties of hotpots that we’ll definitely be back for!

Alrose Garden

7-9 Churchill Ave
Strathfield, NSW 2135

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