Golden Crown Seafood Restaurant, Moore Park

IMG_5221Being in Moore Park for the recent Cirque du Soleil we popped into the bustling Golden Crown Seafood Restaurant for a quick pre-show dinner. Walking in we were showed to our table and menus and left to decide what to eat. Finally after about 20 minutes, the waitress decided to come back and take our order.


Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Crispy and actually quite a good size however the vegetable filling wasn’t anything we haven’t seen or tasted before.


Crispy Skin Chicken

After the initial shock of the plate being basically thrown onto the table I took a piece of the chicken and found it to be quite moist and flavourful marinated in a light soy dressing.


Shredded Beef Peking Style

Crispy little ribbons of beef coated in a great and flavoursome peking sauce. One of my all time favourite Asian dishes, I was pretty happy to scoff this one down.


Salt and Pepper Squid

I was actually surprised how generous and tasty this dish was. I consider myself a bit of a salt and pepper squid connoisseur, and I found these to be tender with a perfectly crisp batter and a great spice level.


Stir Fried Greens

Pretty simple dish, the greens were still crunchy and fresh being only lightly drizzled in oil.

I’ve got to say, while I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the food, I didn’t enjoy my experience at Golden Crown Seafood Restaurant, and this had to do a lot with the service. Maybe it was an off day but the blank faced waiters seemed to be more interested in looking like they were busy than actually serving us and when they did serve us, they did so with an attitude like we were in some way inconveniencing them. While I’m usually a pretty generous tipper at restaurants, my only tip for them was to be a bit more switched on and attentive to their customers.

Golden Crown Seafood Restaurant 

Entertainment Quarter
220/122 Lang Road,
Moore Park, NSW 2021

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