East Phoenix, Zetland

DSC07150When the craving for Yum Cha hits, it hits hard and fast. Having no choice but to give in to our cravings we made for the closest one we could find. Conveniently, this happened to be the newest addition to the Phoenix Restaurant chain East Phoenix.

Like it’s siblings Sky, Rhodes, Parramatta and Hilltop, East Phoenix is a very large restaurant decked out in modern Chinese decor with some of the best yum cha in Sydney.


Walking in you’re greeted by a wall of sombre live sea critters just waiting out their days for the chance to fill you’re belly.


I’d almost feel sorry for this big guy, but then I remember how damn tasty he would be  smothered in XO sauce and I just end up feeling hungry.


Eagerly scanning the steaming hot trolleys we set about picking and choosing some of our favourite savoury treats.


DSC07132Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

We started off with these fluffy BBQ Pork Buns. My personal favourite. I love lathering them in chilli sauce so the hot and sweet flavours mix.


Steamed Pork and Chive Dumplings

Next up were these sticky little dumplings, full of a tender and juicy pork and chive mix. These are best dipped in soy vinegar and I was happy to get doubles of these.


  Steamed Prawn Dumplings

Another great dumpling filled with macerated prawns. This is always a staple to our yum cha escapades.


Chinese Broccoli

One must always have a balanced meal when dining so we went for this plate of Chinese broccoli. These crunchy mean greens were drenched in that fantastically salty oyster sauce and are the perfect way to pretend that your eating healthy.


BBQ Pork

Soooo good! I love this pork. Tender and so full of that sticky sweet flavour. I’ve always wondered what those little beans on the bottom of the dish are. I get a great kick out of picking them up one by one with my chopsticks.


Salt and Pepper Whitebait

Like crunchy little fishy chip’s, these may not be for everyone but I urge you not to knock it till you try it.


Singapore Fried Noodles

Lightly flavoured, these dry noodles are a great side to any yum cha meal. The pork pieces were tender and flavoursome and the scattered bean sprouts gave the dish a nice fresh crunch.


Spicy Pork Noodle

Finishing off the savoury was this deliciously delicate spicy pork noodle dish. The casing is a perfect mix of both sticky and slimy while the chilli pork bits give it a nice punch of flavour.


Mango Pancakes

I never go to yum cha without getting this gluttonous treat. The bright yellow pancake encases fresh whipped cream and mango pieces. To die for!

East Phoenix (and all the other Phoenix restaurants) are a fantastic place for good quality yum cha. Perfect for all dining types from single diners to large groups.

East Phoenix

East Village
Level 3
2A Defries Ave
Zetland, NSW 2017

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