LuMi Bar & Dining, Pyrmont

DSC07379$89 for a 8 course degustation. Underpriced. Underpriced severely.

Lumi Dining is a casual, modern waterfront restaurant that breathes new life onto the Pyrmont wharf replacing the previous Ripples at Sydney restaurant.


Potato Focaccia,  Cheddar Sablee, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Crisp

Some very tasty bites to whet the appetite. Starting with warm potato focaccia full of rosemary flavour hits. Then onto a sharp cheddar mound sitting on a buttery sablee pastry. Lastly a light as air rice crisp that packed a powerful salt ‘n’ vinegar punch.

Italian Chawanmushi

Starting the nights courses is an Italian Chawanmushi, a homage dish that really symbolises the Italian/Japanese fusion of the restaurant. Made with a parmesan egg custard and topped with raw enoki mushrooms.


Sand Crab – Dulse, Jerusalem Artichokes, Oyster Powder

What a beautiful dish! Both in looks and taste. Every bite was a new sensation, from the creamy sweetness of the crab and the distinctive taste of the Jerusalem artichokes to the soft crunch of the puffed rice. Every aspect worked perfectly!


Adelina Riesling 2013


 Spelt Ravioli – Burnt Butter, Pumpkin, Sea Urchin, Avruga Caviar, Chives

By far the best dish of the night and a special treat having both sea urchin and avruga caviar to try it with. (Fun Fact: LuMi employ their own divers to collect the freshest sea urchins – that’s dedication people!)  The delicate spelt ravioli is best eaten whole allowing for an explosion of flavour that left me having multiple foodgasms.


Due to the fact that I’m a huge sticky beak and can’t sit still for longer than 5 minutes, I decided to wander up to the kitchen where I found Head Chef Federico Zanellato and Pasta Chef Andrea whipping up our next meal.


Stinging Nettle Chitarra – Mussel Cream, Crispy Pork, Fennel Pollen

Next up is another pasta dish and this one brimming with pungent flavour. The handmade bright green stinging nettle chitarra is coated in a rich mussel cream that’s strong in seafood flavour but very pleasant to eat in my opinion. Sprinkled with some crispy pork crumbs and fennel pollen for texture this dish is definitely work a try even if you’re not a big seafood fan.


Lamb Tartare – Shaved Radish, Salsa Verde

If you read this blog enough you’ll know I have a special place in my heart (or stomach I should say) for tartare so when the waitress told us that the eggplant dish on the menu had been replaced with lamb tartare I was most ecstatic. It didn’t disappoint. Tender and smooth like velvet the lamb was perfectly spiced  and the radishes added a fresh crunch and pepperiness to the dish.


Pig Jowl – Buckwheat and Celeriac

I hate when my food tries to hide from me. I’m going to find you and eat you.


Shrouded in mystery…or just a large blanched leaf, we were happy to find the generous hunk of tender pork jowl was incredibly flavoursome. Combined with the crunch from the buckwheat and the sweetness of the apple slice this was a table favourite.


Evergreen – Sorrel, Lemon Basil, Mint, Shiso, Parsley

Subtlety of flavour goes out the door with this extremely refreshing palate cleanser. The stark green colours only intensify the invigorating flavours of each individual aspect of the dish. I particularly liked the little melt in your mouth mint  meringue drops which really clears the heavy savoury flavours from the palate and leave you eagerly awaiting dessert.


Milk Ice cream – Sour Cherry, Citrus Sabayon, Milk Crumble, Cocoa Powder

Creamy with hits of sweet and sour, and citus notes the dessert of milk ice cream a lovely dish to end the night on however I did find that I was one-upped by its palate cleansing predecessor.

LuMi is a gorgeous  dining setting situated in the middle of a stunning wharf in Pyrmont. The fantastic food and chilled out atmosphere make it a definite ‘one to watch’ and at $89 for an 8 course degustation I suggest you make a reservation soon.

LuMi Bar & Dining

Wharf 10
56 Pirrama Road
Pyrmont, NSW 2009

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