Vincent French Dining Room & Bar, Woollahra


We have heard so much talk about Vincent lately that we just had to try it out for ourselves. Vincent French Dining Room & Bar is brought to you by the team of Buzo & Wine Library – Traci Trinder, James Hird and Todd Garratt. They are located inside the beautiful boutique Hughenden Hotel in Woollahra and have a casual lounge and bar area where you can order a French aperitif or digestif before your meal (or after) and a more formal dining area further inside.


Cured kingfish, avocado, finger lime & calamari cracker $20

What a light and refreshing little morsel this was. Perfect to pop in your mouth whole, the fresh kingfish was cured in a zingy citrus dressing and placed in a light-as-air calamari cracker.


Bread & house cultured butter and Olives $7

We love our bread, we love our butter but most of all… no just the bread and butter will do. We love them!


Chicken liver terrine, spiced quince jelly, endive $19

Oh how I love a good terrine. Nothing better than spreading a very, very generous amount of this rich, creamy meat onto the warm toasted bread. The spiced quince was a first for me and it was superb adding a much needed sweetness to the heavy savoury taste of the terrine. Unfortunately for me I was sharing this plate so I had to fight all my bestial urges and leave some for the others. Hm.


Baked cantal souffle, ‘fines herbes’ 19

Another dish I was none-to-happy to share. If you’ve never had a cheese soufflé you need to. I’m not joking. Don’t be fooled by the light airy texture. The soufflé is packed full of molten gooey cheese that’s rich and creamy. Be careful not to rush in like a fool and burn your damn mouth. That’s a good way to ruin the rest of your meal.


Poulet roti – roast chicken, bread sauce, sprout leaves & chestnuts 35

I’m always impressed when a restaurant manages to make a chicken breast moist. Usually I find it dry so I tend to avoid chicken breast dishes altogether. Me personally, I’m a thigh man, but when you get a tender moist breast like I did in this dish, I get excited. Perfectly roasted with a lovely splodge of bread sauce and greens to accompany it and I can honestly say this was a very satisfying dish.


Pan roast hapuka, white radish, cumquat, capers & sea succulent 36

Flaky, well cooked with a delicious crispy skinned top. This pan roasted hapuka was moist and fresh tasting. Strong flavours from the sweet tasting cumquat, capers and radish finished this dish off beautifully.


Steak frites ‘beurre vincent’ 34

Dinner and a show? Oh mondure! I had a little food envy after I saw this dish come out. Served on a metal plate atop a little burner the idea is that the steak cooks in the cafe de paris butter slowly, allowing it to caramelize and form a beautiful crust. After the mouth-watering smell hit my nostrils I was immediately filled with regret in not ordering this. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and sampled a piece and found that the meat, while still being cooked, was a perfectly tender medium rare. Served with a generous bowl of pomme frits (that’s French fries for you less fancy people) I highly suggest dipping them in the hot herb infused butter.


Potato gnocchi, beer braised veal shin, mustard greens 28

Quite possibly the softest, lightest gnocchi I’ve ever had, these little gems were bathed in a light savoury sauce of tender veal shin and peppery mustard greens. Who knew the French could give the Italians a run for their money with a pasta dish. Little pillows of heaven.


Lemon meringue tart ‘renversee’, tangelo & cointreau 14

I’m a big fan of meringue. Ordering it whenever its on the menu. But I’ve never tasted a meringue like this. It was sweet, airy and light as a feather which is ironic as it was not the way I felt after eating all this delicious food.


Gingerbread, coconut sorbet, ginger crumble 14

I’m eating gingerbread and its not even Christmas! A fantastic mix of refreshing coconut sorbet divided by sharp tasting crumbly gingerbread.

Overall, Vincent is full of simple, bold, fresh flavours serving generous portions designed to share. Their wine is predominantly French and has been carefully selected to match their cuisine.

Bubbly, chic and elegant. Well worth the hype.


14 Queen St,
Woollahra, NSW



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