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img_9375[1]           Fremantle Octopus with potato skins, white corn and piquillo peppers

Octopus can go either way for me but this one was cooked to perfection and was not at all chewy. I really liked the powdered piquillo peppers (say that 3 times), which were fiery yet had a sweet flavour. The crispy potato skins were a yummy contrast of flavour and texture. A great dish to start with and how good does it all look on the plate.

For those of you that have not heard of Hartsyard, you are in for a treat. That concept is “a inner-city homestead built for comfort and conversation”. This husband and wife team is located in Newtown. Gregory Llewellyn runs the kitchen and Naomi Hart looks after front of house. Here you will find a seasonal changing menu, food designed to share and enjoyed in groups with friends.


Duck rillettes, house made rye crisps, black olive, shaved foie gras, chickweed and orange marmalade

If you’ve read our blog you know we love, love, love duck. So if its on the menu its going to be on our plates, and in our tummies real fast. The fact that this dish had foie gras in it made it a must have. If you don’t know what foie gras is — Okay, wait, I don’t want to oversell this. It is the greatest food ever! Its the fattened liver of a duck or goose. Don’t let that put you off though! This delicacy is rich and buttery. So on to the dish! Beautifully constructed! The duck is cooked in fat until its tender enough to shred down into a meaty paste. The rye crisps were perfect to scoop up the delicious morsels and the sweet marmalade great to cut the rich meatiness of it all. Order this to get your tastebuds running!


Crispy pig tails in buttermilk dressing, pickles and hot sauce.

When I read crispy pigs tails on the menu my curiosity got the best of me and I had to order it. What I got was a totally unexpected surprise. These croquette-like parcels were filled with a mass of moist tender pigs tail meat that melts into a hot mess in your mouth. The butter milk dressing adds to the richness and the hot sauce really gave it that little bit of a kick to set things off.


Popcorn prawns! Popcorn, fried school prawns, espelette pepper, old bay, lemon and sour cream

This was a really excellent way to start the night. So simple but so tasty. The school prawns are deep fried to the point where you can just ‘pop’ them in your mouth whole. A word of advice: Squeeze the lemon over everything then eat it all with the tangy sour cream. Nom…


Fried chicken seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Being the gluttons that we are you can assume we have tried our fair share of fried chicken around town. I’ve got to say Hartsyard’s fried chicken is definitely up there. The portion is big with the chicken juicy with a light and spicy batter. Now I’m not sure what ‘low country’ means but I’m going to assume it means delicious because that’s what homemade sausage gravy is. Delicious. The buttermilk biscuit was nice, bit bland, but I guess it was there to soak up every drop of that delicious gravy. Great dish to share or in our case fight over who gets the bigger piece.


Pulled pork, maple bacon, yogurt, apple

I don’t even know where to start with this.  An enormous cube of tender pulled pork that is crowned with a phenomenal hunk of maple glazed bacon. Continuing the ‘death by delicious pork’ experience, the meat is accompanied by crackling pieces that are light as air and melt on your tongue.  A nice savoury yoghurt cuts all that meaty flavour. This is definitely one to share.


Lamb Ribs  Mustard BBQ, cornbread and pickled peppers

Yuuuum! We pretty much let go of all civility and tore into these things like hungry wolves. Rich, tender and gamey these sticky ribs were the perfect mix of fat and meat that just fell off the bones. The pickled chillies were sweet and hot and cut the richness of the meat. The cute little loaves of corn bread were excellent to pick up all that leftover sticky sweet sauce.


Key lime pie – Toasted marshmallow soft serve, caramel filled cone, graham cracker chunks, white chocolate dip and lime curd.

First popcorn now a soft serve? Hartsyard is definitely a cinematic food experience. Each dish a scene in lavished gluttony. Now this is no ordinary soft serve. Let me fill you in… creamy toasted marshmallow ice cream is layered on top of gooey caramel inside a quaint little cone. Scattered in crunchy gram cracker pieces all this goodness was encased in a white chocolate dip then finished with a good splodge of zingy lime curd. As I closed my eyes and stuffed the frozen spoonful’s into my face I was somehow transported back to New Year’s Eve in New York eating a freshly made key lime pie for the first time and feeling very, very satisfied. Ahh nostalgia!


 Pumpkin Pie with rice custard, Jack Daniels ice-cream, spiced pear, pecan praline

My my pumpkin pie! A really interesting dessert and a table favourite. I really enjoyed eating this festive American favourite particularly because the ice cream has booze in it. Yep that’s right, Jack Daniels ice cream to be specific. If that isn’t enough the whole dish is deconstructed so you get to experience each individual aspect of the dish or everything all together. Your choice. Either way this was a pretty interesting and creative take on pumpkin pie.


33 Enmore Road,
Enmore, Sydney, NSW

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