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70Oven roasted suckling pig – various cuts, served on the bone with traditional farm house suckling pig sausage, pinzimonio, seasonal vegetables and potatoes

This was a real heavenly moment! Perfectly slow roasted for several hours to keep the meat delicately tender and juicy whilst delivering a paper thin crackling that’s unbelievably crunchy and full of flavor. Pilu has designed this to be shared between two and accompanied by char grilled zucchini, potatoes garnished with bottarga (salted, cured fish roe)  and a fresh salad of celery, carrot and fennel with a zingy lemon and parsley dressing. The pigs are sourced from Melanda Park on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in NSW and live a free range high life. Until they end up on your plate…


I dinned here for my birthday on a beautiful sunny Saturday for lunch in Spring. Combine spectacular ocean views, an incredible location and 2 chef hatted Sardinian food by chef Giovanni Pilu. What more could I ask for?


Riviera 19 – Hendricks Gin, lemon liqueur, blood orange cordial, fresh orange juice and basil – Yum!


‘Carta di Musica’, Ricotta, Truffle Abbamele, Sardinian Olives and a selection of Pilu Salumi

What a great way to start a meal. Carta di Musica is a traditional Sardinian flatbread. Paper-thin and lightly salted with a hint of rosemary these golden-brown sheets were the perfect companion to the creamy ricotta decadently drizzled with savoury, yet sweet truffle infused abbamele, a type of honey made by pressing specially selected honeycombs to extract all the honey and pollen then reducing it in copper pots, creating one of the most ancient products of Sardinian gastronomy. An array of house 3 types house made salumi each with their own distinctive flavours, olives and pickled fennel also accompany this fine appetiser.


Hiramasa Kingfish Tartare, Zucchini Escabeche, Black Olives and Fried Carasau

 I love a good tartare dish, and if anything this one made me realise why.  I thought the little pieces of fried carasau flatbread were an excellent touch and great to scoop up those tasty morsels of fresh fresh fish. The slightly oily texture and rich flavour of the kingfish work well with the salty-sour flavours of the escabeche zucchini and macerated black olives.


Ravioli of Potato, Mint and Pecorino with Burnt Butter, Sage and Black Truffle Paste

To tell you the truth I was a little apprehensive about the carb on carb factor of this dish, but this instantly changed as the plate hit the table and the rich tantalizing smell of the truffle and sage butter sauce hit my nostrils. These gorgeous little parcels of creamy pureed potato are like velvet in the mouth. Though four on a plate may look a tad skimpy they are actually quite heavy for an entrée and I was perfectly satisfied and not too full for the coming courses.


White Chocolate Budino, Grilled Peach, Brazil Nut Granola, Red Currants and Salted Caramel Gelato

This is white chocolate pudding by another name, but somehow it sounds better in Italian doesn’t it? Frankly, language is irrelevant here: we’re talking pure, all-encompassing bliss. My first mouthful was like white chocolate satin cream and almost shocking in its pleasurable intensity especially due to the grilled peach hiding inside. I did find the Brazil Nuts a tad too chunky and unnecessary given that the textural contrast of the dish was more than accomplished by the granola.


Corbezzolo Honey Mousse, Ichnusa Sorbet, Spiced Sponge and Macadamia

This was quite an interesting dessert full of the Sardinian influence. The Corbezzolo honey is produced in the mountainous regions of Sardinia. It has an initial sweetness to it with a subtle yet enjoyable bitter finish. The mousse had a delicate firmness allowing me to scoop it with my spoon without it going all over the plate. The Ichnusa sorbet was interesting being the first beer sorbet I’ve tried and i was delightfully surprised to find it fresh, and tying in with the honey, a pleasant bitter taste that we all love in a icy cold beer. I found the spiced sponge a little bit too ‘spiced’ however that’s just my personal taste .

Buon Appetito!

Pilu at Freshwater

Moore Road,
Freshwater, Sydney, NSW

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