The Bridge Room, Sydney


Natural oysters, Tathra and Rock oysters, South Coast NSW
shallot, red wine vinegar or white miso dressing, chives

The Bridge Room is a two hatted restaurant located on the corner of Bridge and Young Street, minutes from Circular Quay, and offers a unique culinary experience showcasing dishes inspired from European and Asian influences.


Sea scallops, roasted cauliflower butter, biltong, cauliflower in mustard seed pickle, verbena, green apple

Well this was simply perfection. The scallops were cooked perfectly, lightly seared on each side while still maintaining a soft and buttery centre. I really liked the crispy biltong which sat on top. Adding to the crunch was the cauliflower and green apple slices. Not exactly sure what or where the verbena was (I think it’s those green leaves) but I’m sure it somehow went marvellously with the rest of the dish.


Ash grilled Duck, organic prunes softened in Banyuls, creamed jerusalem artichokes, candied walnuts

I love duck. Give it to me shredded, confit, peking, stewed, roasted; either way I’m going to eat it. Ash grilled was a new one for me but I was not disappointed. The succulent breast was pink and tender, and was enhanced being smothered in the Banyuls (dessert wine)-softened prunes and the creamy jerusalem artickokes.


Robata grilled Junee lamb, parsnips, salt grilled leeks, zucchini, coriander seed

People who cook lamb (or any red meat, really) more than medium rare may as well be eating their leather wallets in my opinion. There is nothing better than getting a perfectly pink piece of lamb that is tender and moist. The Bridge Room certainly delivered. Accompanied by some very tasty veggie sides, this dish reminded me of a Sunday family roast dish, only much, much, much fancier.


Strawberry and violet marshmallow meringue, strawberries, raspberry ice, strawberry paper

Two words caught me immediately when reading the dessert menu: “marshmallow” and “meringue”. Both soft as air and full of flavour. The strawberry paper was interesting to say the least, reminding me of the fruit roll-ups from my youth. This dessert was as scrumptious as it was visually appealing.


CHEESE – A selection of three & served with quince paste, saba, corella pears – Brillat Savarin, Holy goat & queso de valdeon

Cheese please! A really great selection, the first being Brillat Savarin, a rich triple cream; the second one was called Holy Goat – a cheese as interesting in taste as it was in looks. Young, creamy, sweet, nutty and delicate, as the cheese matures the interior becomes velvety soft, melting in the mouth. Last but certainly not least was the Queso de Valdeon, a pungent and bitey blue that I thoroughly enjoyed with the quince and pear.

A perfect dining experience. I need to return soon!

The Bridge Room

44 Bridge Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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