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Ho Jiak, Strathfield

Located inside Strathfield plaza, next to Oliver Brown is Malaysia. I'm kidding. Although what you will find is quite a closely replicated snippet of...

Chefs Palette, Strathfield

Chefs Palette Generally speaking, I guess you could define Strathfield as my “hood”. My Sweet Memory is a very longstanding notable cafe in Strathfield so...

Buttermelt Cafe, Strathfield

Like every other 15 year old girl I know during high school, I spent a lot of time eating frozen yoghurt at Strathfield. Hence,...

Alrose Garden, Strathfield

Faced with 30 degree weather, we made that smart decision to eat Korean BBQ at Alrose Garden for lunch. Unfortunately KBBQ was only available...

Jang Ta Bal Korean Charcoal BBQ, Strathfield

Jang Ta Bal is a Korean BBQ restaurant that sits on The Boulevarde in Strathfield. A cosy DIY style eatery which means you get to cook...